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  • EGX Previews: My first 15 Minutes with Horizon Zero Dawn

    EGX Previews: My first 15 Minutes with Horizon Zero Dawn

    Verity gets 15 glorious minutes of hands-on goodness with Horizon Zero Dawn at EGX.

  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

    In early 2013, during an otherwise uneventful Nintendo Direct video presentation, the game developer spoke about the pressures of designing for the Zelda franchise. How do you keep such a critically-lauded property fresh, while also satisfying long-time fans who have grown to love its formula? Nintendo’s answer was “Challenge the expectations of players”. Later in…

  • PlayStation 3 Title Tales of Zestiria Announced

    The announcement was made at a Japanese reveal event last night by developer Namco Bandai Studios. A trailer for the new title was also shown, embedded below. European fans will be pleased to learn that the game is already confirmed for Europe – albeit at an unknown date – on the PlayStation 3. Speaking on…

  • Evoland

    What was birthed as a 48-hour Ludum Dare concept has evolved into a full game, available now through Steam Greenlight and GOG.com. As a fellow indie-dev myself (admittedly, a far lazier one), seeing this process come to fruition is particularly inspiring. Evoland is not only a journey into the past and present of the role-playing…