Monster Hunter World beta impressions

Kieran tried out the Monster Hunter World beta on the Playstation 4. As a newbie to the series, he found points of interest in the popular franchise that he didn’t always expect.

The beta that Kieran played ran in December and featured three monsters to hunt, with the choice of three difficulties. Players were given 20 minutes to go hunting, which wasn’t always enough time to really do very much of the exploring and crafting that the series is also well-known for.

Even so, the beta presented a fun challenge for those new to the series, as well as some of the much-loved big game hunting action that is familiar to fans. The monsters have various traits, lots of health and may also choose to run away and prolong the hunt. If you have some smart tactics, good weaponry and some patience, victory and the spoils will be yours.

One of the early fun points is the character select screen, which gives you options for male, female and Palicoe hunters. Of course, you also have a faithful Palicoe companion for when you’re out hunting.

For those eager to get another chance at trying out the game, the next (and final) Monster Hunter World beta will once again be running on Playstation 4, just days before the game’s full release. The PS4 beta runs from 02:00 GMT on 19 January to 02:00 GMT on 22 January.

Monster Hunter World releases for Playstation 4 and Xbox One on 26 January, with a PC release later in the year. The Playstation 4 version will also have exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn crossover content, with Aloy’s bow and full armour set, plus a special Palico costume.