6 Drawception Games That Nailed It

If you haven’t come across Drawception during your wanderings across the web, then you’re in for a treat. The concept is simple. It is basically the bastard child of Pictionary and Chinese Whispers if it had been raised by the internet.

Drawception is a online browser game in which 12 random internet strangers try to pass a message through the game via the mediums of alternating text and images. The are rules which control how that message is expressed. For example, in a written round you have only a small character limit so you need to be succinct and precise. During the drawing round you only have 10 minutes, and a fairly limited palette of drawing tools, so being able to draw helps but isn’t required.

Beyond this how you choose to express yourself is up to you. The community generally frowns upon writing the answer during the drawing round, but there’s nothing in the game to stop this. There are also community-led game instructions, such as pass it on (PIO) and step-by-step instruction games which players can choose to play or ignore as they wish. It is all pretty freestyle, though other players may disagree in the comments.

You are limited to having 8 games in play at any one time, to keep the trolls at bay. The more you play, the more you can level up and earn the in-game currency which enables you to buy better drawing tools, access to more games, more time and bigger games with up to 24 players.

Out of all this and through the power of the brain trust of the interwebs, Drawception manages to produce surprisingly brilliant works of art, as well as some of the funniest misinterpretations.

And on those rare occasions when the planets align, you can get those perfect games, where each player passes the message to the next as if guided by unseen power. Until that one troll fucks it all right up in the penultimate panel. You know who you are. Chad.

If you haven’t played Drawception yet, then you really should. But just in-case you need more convincing let’s take a look at six highlights from some of the top games where Drawception proves just how brilliant it can be.

The one where everyone stayed on meme (except the last guy)

Hello? This is dog - Drawception.
Hello? This is dog

The one where everyone is totally on point

A Game of Cookies
A Game of Cookies

The one with the incredible recovery

All Glory to the Hypnotoad - Drawception
All Glory to the Hypnotoad

The one where they were just so close to perfection

Phoenix Wright - Drawception
Phoenix Wright

The one where that one letter ‘T’ made all the difference

Owl be back - Drawception
Owl be back

The one where the end completely justifies the means

Draw Random Stuff - Drawception
Draw Random Stuff






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