Bodycheck Looks to Reinvent Contact Sports on Vita

Sports are all well and good, and sports games are a great way to partake while being warm and lazy. The decades long journey towards a perfect recreation of a certain real world sport in a virtual context has reached a point now that outside of requiring physical exertion to participate there isn’t a lot left to simulate. There’s just one problem though, this is videogaming, why settle for bog-standard real world sports. Why not have a no rules, 4 team free for all ball game with hints of football and rugby all mashed together?

Bodycheck, a newly announced title from Ludometrics, a Glasgow based company mainly responsible for phone based titles in the past, is set to release onto the PS Vita later this year. As the early footage below shows, its shaping up to be a hectic contact heavy ball game, reminiscent of Red Card and Speedball, though with a few less restrictions.

Honestly, I already like trying to break the rules in proper sports games, so one where what I already do is part of the game is alright with me.



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