Rayman Legends on Vita Receives 28 Missing Levels

The PlayStation Vita version of Rayman Legends, which was released this past September shortly after its home console brethren, was sadly missing the 28 “Invasion” maps available in other versions for unknown reasons.

The Invasion levels offer a significantly harder challenge for veterans of the frantic 2D platformer, taking maps from the core game and altering the layouts and enemy patterns for increased difficulty.

Rayman Legends started life as a Nintendo Wii U exclusive, but earlier this year Ubisoft made the (at the time) controversial decision to delay the game several months and prepare a release for all platforms. The game debuted to excellent reviews on all systems, living up to its esteemed predecessor.

The Invasion level patch for Rayman Legends is available now at no additional cost, and can be downloaded by connecting through the game to the PlayStation Network.


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