Xbox One SmartGlass Apps Now Available

With the next-gen arrival here in the UK now countable in hours it may be best to be prepared. Those of you looking to pick up the Xbox One can do so by downloading the Xbox One SmartGlass app to your smartphone or tablet of choice. Functioning somewhat as a remote control for certain features of the Xbox One, SmartGlass is mainly one of those curiosities that people will download, mess around with and then never touch again. Though there is something to be said about the appeal of being able to use a handheld device as a second screen with special features. For example, launch title Dead Rising 3 uses SmartGlass as a second screen to display maps and call in air strikes.

I’m one of those people that are in camp “considers this to be pretty cool technology”. I am, however, also one of those people that bought a link cable to connect a Game Boy Advance to a GameCube to use as a second screen in Wind Waker. Those like me who enjoy this kind of thing will chances have this app downloaded before the Xbox One Launches this coming Friday. For those that aren’t amazed by unnecessary gimmickry, however, may find it little more than a long way around the console compared to a standard control pad.

Any which way, here’s hoping its quicker and more reliable than the SmartGlass experience for the Xbox 360…






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