GTA Online Updates for a Day at the Beach

GTA Online, after a somewhat bumpy start, has proven itself to be a fantastically fun experience at times. However, it isn’t without a sense of repetition after a few hours. The same game types on the same maps with the same vehicles. Such a huge open world and so little (relatively) to do it. Rockstar is hoping to start changing this with updates to the service, the first of which is the “Beach Bum” update available next Tuesday (November 19)

Bringing the frantic firefights and vehicular warfare to the beaches of San Andreas – along with beach appropriate customisation options and all new beach based vehicles – the Beach Bum pack looks to give those feeling the city blues setting in something to look forward to. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a trip to the beach to the feel the sand at your feet, smell the salt air, or parachute from several thousand feet. As an extra bonus players will also have access to a new pistol and a broken bottle melee weapon. Overall, as a free update to an already fantastic online component, this pack is nothing to be sniffed at. Now if only we could get a couple extra hours of classic rock with Captain Loggins…






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