Earn Cards at the Magic: The Gathering Theros Game Day This Weekend

The Theros Game Day will act as the next part in the Hero’s Path, a nine-quest campaign which offers players the chance to earn Hero Cards following the completion of each quest.

Confident players looking for a challenge can face off against the Hydra Challenge deck, a self-running deck which simulates the experience of facing off against the multi-headed beast of mythical lore. This daunting task can be attempted either alone or with friends.

If you’ve been away from Magic for a while, or are interested in the background development of the Theros expansion, you might be interested in Dan’s recent interview with Mark Rosewater, the head designer for Magic: The Gathering.

To find out if there’s a Theros Game Day happening near you – and for more information about the Hero’s Path in general – check out Wizards of the Coast’s official Hero’s Path website.


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