Next League of Legends character, Jinx, gets her own music video

If you play League of Legends then it’s likely you already know plenty about Jinx. She’s the Joker to Vi’s Batman, a super-villain, an if this music video is anything to go by playing as her will be a laugh.

Her abilities are all based around her inventions, like her Q that switches her standard ranged attacks between using a minigun and using a rocket launcher. With Zap as a damaging slow and Flame chompers for crowd control and magic damage we’re getting into nightmare territory without even mentioning her ultimate.

Her ultimate ability being ‘Super Mega Death Rocket!’, a projectile attack that gains damage over its firs second of travel, deals a percentage of an enemies missing HP and does damage to any enemies that happen to be standing near them.

Jinx is going to be a bit of a terror until people start getting used to her, I can just tell.







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