Super Adventure Box Returns in Massive Guild Wars 2 Update

Super Adventure Box first appeared back in April as ArenaNet’s homage to 8 and 16-bit gaming. It featured an all-new platforming-based instance, complete with bosses, collectibles, RPG-style items and limited lives.

Tonight’s return of Super Adventure Box sees the instance expanded to two Worlds, rife with new challenges (including a “tribulation” mode) and new skins and gear to collect (with some based on the “King Toad” boss).

However, SAB isn’t the only new feature in the massive content update, which also includes radical changes to the game economy:

  • Ascended weapon crafting – All job classes now level to 500, allowing ascended weapon crafting
  • Legendary weapon updates – Legendary weapons are receiving a stat and aesthetic upgrade
  • Account-wide magic-find – The “magic-find” stat is being moved from character equipment to accounts, now applied to all player characters

Guild Wars 2 has continued to receive free updates since its release last August. In more recent months, the ArenaNet staff have focused on delivering “Living Story” updates, which have developed an on-going story-line set after the events of main leveling experience.

The patch is now live. If you missed Super Adventure Box the first time around and want some idea of what to expect, then the trailer below for its original release in April sums up things pretty nicely…







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