The Watch_Dogs Hacker Hunt Begins Now

A press-release issued by the publisher outlines the premise and the tools needed to compete in the event:

“Five hackers are loose in London and Ubisoft is challenging you to hunt them down with the use of the ultimate surveillance tool: Can you track them in the midst of the bustling centre of London and reveal the secret hidden within their messages?”

A quick-look at the WeareData website reveals an impressive visualisation of London city, with statistics highlighting the same sort of sources you’ll be using to operate effectively in Watch_Dogs – such as CCTV, mobile hotspots, and social media location data.

Over the next five days, clues will be issued hinting at the real-time whereabouts of the hackers in London. Pin-pointing the exact location of hackers will reveal their tweets and instagram posts, and a potential hidden code.

Once participants have successfully cracked the code, they are encouraged to enter it at the restricted Watch_Dogs Hunt website for a chance to win a Sony PlayStation 4, Watch_Dogs Collector’s Editions and other great prizes!

The celebrate the beginning of the Hacker Hunt, Ubisoft also released the H_IDE app for iOS and Android, a free tool that allows you to share messages with your friends after encrypting them or modulating your voice. A trailer for the app is embedded below.



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