Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Prologue DLC Announced

The case, titled “Special Chapter: Turnabout Return”, will explore protagonist Phoenix Wright’s first case in court since the events of 2008’s Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. Bizarrely, the case will not only feature a pirate, but the defendant accused of murder – her pet orca.

Bizarre is to be expected with Capcom’s fan-favourite Ace Attorney series, however. Previous games in the adventure game franchise have covered possessed culprits, enchanted heirlooms, and cross-examinations with parrots as fairly standard events.

Outside of the recent iOS release of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD, Dual Destinies marks the first time the series has received DLC. Along with with the prologue episode, Capcom is also expected to release costume packs and a “Quiz Deduction” mode.

Despite its cult status and strong reviews, not every Ace Attorney game has made it to the west. Fans are still waiting for a proposed localisation of Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, which is still under development, according to Level 5’s Facebook page.

More controversially, the localisation of the second game in the Investigations side-series – which sheds light on the back-story of Nick’s rival Miles Edgeworth – was confirmed to be canned earlier this year by Capcom’s Christian Svensson “due to scheduleing”, though an unofficial fan-translation is still being worked on.

Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies is due later this year in Europe and America, exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS eShop.



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