Activision PR boss siphons almost £19,000 from the industry giant

Kathryn Kirton, former head of PR for Activision, has admitted to stealing just under £19,000 after being caught out way back in February 2011.

Kirton used the funds siphoned from the games industry colossus to fund an expensive engagement party alongside trips to expensive hotels and fancy clothing.

The theft was pulled off with the help of a Frank PR consultant Jamie Kaye, no angel himself having been caught stealing 6 iPads from his workplace, who would purchase items on her behalf and then directly charge the money to Activision, with the PR boss’ blessing of course.  Kaye’s no stranger to embezzlement either after he charged a family holiday costing almost £3500 to his Frank PR card.

Regardless of the crime, and the Judge’s own stated view that the pair fully deserved harsh punishment they were both spared jail time, being given suspended sentences.  The stress of the ordeal was said to have put Kirton’s marriage under a great deal of stress, and even caused her to go into early labour with her, now two years old, son.

It seems as if the whole charade began to fall apart when Kirton attempted to write off a payment on Kaye’s Frank PR card as an expense for the Modern Warfare 2 launch event.

The moral of the story?  Don’t steal stuff.  Simple, really.

(Source: Daily Mail)






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