Gemini Rue Hits iOS at Discounted Price

Released in 2011 on Desura and later Steam, Gemini Rue was praised by critics and fans alike for its gorgeous pixel-art and compelling story-line, though reviewers cited some minor issues with the in-game combat.

For its iOS update, developers Wadjet Eye Games will not only be addressing these concerns, but will also add new features for adventure fans to ease play. In an official blog post on their website, they said:

“For the last eight months, [co-designer] Janet has been hard at work porting Gemini Rue to the iPad, iPhone, and iPad touch. The iOS version has been extensively optimized and overhauled for touch screen play with larger in-game icons and text, comfortable ‘point and tap’ controls, a hotspot finder to minimize pixel hunting, and a redesigned combat system”.

The iOS version of Gemini Rue is available for the next two weeks at a discounted price of £2.49 / $3.99, after which it will rise to its standard price of £2.99 / $4.99. At either price, the game is a steal for fans of the LucasArts and Sierra games of old.


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