The Ready Up Podcast – Season 2, Episode 3 – Virtual Sexuality

The third episode of season 2 has Simon in charge of proceeding with John, alongside guests Ben Sykes and Celeste O’Neill!

Current gaming

– John has been kicking it with Mass Effect: Leviathan for his recent review, as well as Mafia II and netKar Pro
– Ben has been all about Tales Of Graces F – we don’t really know what the ‘F’ is for, though
– Celeste has been battling the darkness in Walking Dead and Deadlight
– Simon has been playing Home and enjoyed the pixels out of XCOM: Earth Defence and Minecraft



– Celeste riffs about Rift, the new VR headset
– Ben goes all Super-hero to tell us about the closed beta of the Marvel Heroes MMO
– Simon gets solid at the confirmation of the Metal Gear Solid movie
– John gets a bit bothered by the portrayal of games as causes of violence and tragedy

Ben and Celeste talk about their Blog Brands – The Silent Protagonist and Overachiever.


We also discuss the Big Question this episode which is from a listener:

“Do games do provide enough exploration of differing sexual orientations?
– Do we see enough LGBT characters, do games give a voice to LGBT society at all, do games provide an appropriate platform for expressing sexuality and if so which games?”

Which provides for a pretty significant discussion, so thanks!

We welcome our two new folks, Indra and Charlotte, plus all of the usual banter and guff you know and love from the team.

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  1. Stephen avatar

    Good stuff.
    Simon used to present a superb radio show during his university days – it’s good to hear that he’s still cruising the ‘airwaves’.

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