Minecraft: Creeping Horror – Chapter One


It was a sweltering day in July when the hole appeared in the hill upon which I had built my house.

I had invested many days into finding the ideal location for my new abode. I had come to this land in search of a new way of life; one less akin to the fast pace I wished to leave behind. I wanted to enjoy the small things in life. I desired to construct my own dwelling to my specifications, craft bespoke decorations to furnish its interior and till and work the land, living off the resources that I myself had nurtured to fruition. In the village, this dream seemed impossible; here it was easier than ever.

I scouted the area, looking for the perfect place to set the foundations for my residence. I spent many a day searching for the consummate place to begin construction. This land was aesthetically beautiful, but flawed in architectural terms: building too close to the river would see the foundations flooded; setting up in the middle of the forest would result in little sunlight getting through, causing perpetual darkness; the snow-capped bluffs were devoid of fertility, meaning sustenance would be difficult to source.  What started out as a hopeful expedition slowly became a fruitless search, my belief in finding the ideal locale waning into but a hopeless slog.

But just as my despair was beginning to peak, I spotted it: a solid hilltop many feet high, enshrouded by the numerous varieties of efflorescing plant and flower. I ascended to the summit and looked out over the wondrous view. There were fields below, perfect for planting and letting animals out to graze; forests in the distance, a plentiful source of wood for my creations; a cave set into a cliff wall on the horizon, surely filled with coal and other valuable commodities. It wasn’t just the amenities that appealed: from this perch I could see the azure sea, the fresh cold air gently caressing my face, its gentle touch refreshing my soul.

This was the place. Here I would build my ideal.

I began construction the very same day. I ventured out to the forest and felled as many trees as I needed. Such was my enthusiasm, I had constructed the foundations and outer shell before sundown. I did not sleep that night, my excitement about  my new abode permitting me no slumber. The next day, I crafted a hoe with my bounty from yesterday and began to till the fields at the base of the hill. I planted some wheat and travelled back to my home village, where I purchased some pigs, sheep and cattle with which I populated my fledgling farm. I spent the rest of that day illuminating and installing windows in my house, populating the interior with furniture and decorations.

After nearly two days of toil, my dream home had been completed.

I soon settled into a daily routine: I would awake around dawn, tend to my animals and crops, advance a little further into the mine which I had spotted on my initial visit (which turned out to be a source of much iron and coal) and then, if I hadn’t the energy to visit my friends in the village, spend the rest of the evening looking out over the view that lifted my spirit. I was happy in my house upon the hill.

Shortly afterwards, however, this serenity was shattered by the emergence of the hole…


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