Pipe Dreams – E3 2012 Edition: What Went Wrong

E3 2012 is now over. Announcements have been made, press events presented, and some gamers left screaming in anger and confusion at both the organisers and each other. There were many jaw-dropping moments at the event, with some personal highlights being Watch_Dogs and The Last Of Us, but there were many things which were not quite as easy to swallow. We’ll ignore some of the Usher and Nintendo bad joke fiascos aside for the time being and just focus on some of the things which were either done poorly, or things which really should have been announced but bizarrely were not.

DLC Debate

DLC was quite the hot topic issue for many viewers, especially given the number of press events that had the term “with exclusive DLC coming to this platform first” thrown around often. I, personally, have nothing against exclusive DLC, but I do have a big issue with these announcements being made so far in advance of a game’s release. Call me old fashioned, but I still love the idea of DLC being something they couldn’t fit into the original game, no pre-planned ‘extra/bonus’ content throw in later.

My ideal dream would have been the announcement of more DLC Season Passes. I know this somewhat contradicts my previous statement, but if these kinds of things are to be a standard in the gaming world then I’d much rather a pass system be offered up. It sounds dumb but it would actually make me excited because it promises longevity to the game and I know that content is still coming and that I will be getting it first and for a good price. That’s why I’m a huge fan of Epic and Rockstar right now because they seem to believe in the model and I love it. Otherwise it feels more like pointless console wars all over again only somehow involving multiplatform games.

Can we not bring this in to 2012 with DLC adverts?

Luigi's Mansion 2

Nintendo. Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo… You were the only one of the three major players to show some half decent new hardware off at the show. The WiiU looks promising. You even addressed that controller issue I brought up this last weekend (well done, by the way. Great save. Happy you fine folks read my stuff!). However, why was there no Luigi’s Mansion 2 WiiU announcement made?

You surely must know people would go wild for this, right? I’m thrilled you’re releasing it for the 3Ds, don’t get me wrong. That handheld needs more games like the Xbox E3 event organiser needs another shot of whiskey. I just don’t understand why there isn’t going to be a WiiU version, or seemingly any console version at all at this point. You must believe in the franchise a small part or you wouldn’t be releasing a sequel at all. I’m excited about the idea, and I know a lot of others are, so why isn’t there a home console version? It just baffles me. Maybe you want to hold it back a little bit longer but it’s hardly like the WiiU couldn’t use every little boost it could get right now. Luigi’s Mansion 2. Launch title. Make it happen and I will buy your Wii HD.

PS Vita

HEY! Speaking of handhelds which could use more games. What the hell, Sony?! I love your handheld, I really, really do. I think it’s sleek, sexy, fun, and overall it kills me to yet to own one due to lack of funding. However, E3 was severely devoid of almost anything PS Vita related!  There’s a white one which is currently only coming to the USA, and an Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty game that you announced already. Where were the new IPs? Where are any of the other 60 games you were happy to brag about in the number crunching but not in actually announcing or demonstrating? Dammit, Sony, if you make the same mistake with the Vita as you did with all the previous PSPs, where you release more hardware models than you do actual, unique IPs, then I will go 3DS full time. So help me I will. I’m serious!

Video Games

Actually, let’s just cut to the chase here. There was not enough emphasis on games at this year’s E3. I know it’s a common cry in the last few days but that’s just because it’s bloody true. Watching a 42 second trailer of the new Gears of War game and then a 15 minute Nike presentation later on is just unacceptable on so many different levels. I understand that E3 is not purely a showcase for gamers but also for investors, but I’m sure that seeing a huge wave of hate across all the major websites isn’t exactly the kind of trend which causes rich people to open their wallet for the next Kinect innovation. Insert your own Better With Kinect reference here because I made so many on the day I’m fresh out.

It wasn’t that there weren’t terrific games on show, it was the begrudging attitude that seemed to be attached to their presentations as if they felt they had to just to shut us all up. Oh, I’m sorry, are we annoying you with all our LOVE AND MONEY?! When an press event’s biggest highlight, and yes I am looking at you here, Microsoft, is Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park for those uneducated, coming on stage and taking the piss out of you as their opener then things have gone seriously wrong. Not only that, but while they were on stage they talked about their game, why we should all care, made a few laughs, and then went off smiling and waving. They seemed to care, even if they didn’t, that their game was being showcased and they seemed to show genuine excitement for it. Not that I’m not super excited to see information on the movie I’m already watching on the iPad I can’t afford.

That’s it for this episode of Pipe Dreams, my name’s Duncan Aird and I approve these dreams.


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