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Hey ya’ll. As I am sure many of you already know, we are fast approaching the Beta for Gears of War 3. Due to be out on April 25th we finally get to have a sneak peak of the latest game in a franchise that I am just addicted to. Now I was mega lucky to see some gameplay during my trip to the Euro Gamer Expo in October last year and I have to say I have a great feeling about this next instalment.

This is how a team is meant to look

I was emailed by the lovely Xbox and was told the way to get onto the Beta is to actually pre-order the game in your local Game or Gamestation. So of course I made my way into town and did just that. When I started to quiz the staff about how I go about getting the Beta, it seems as though no one was exactly sure what I would need to do. Slightly miffed I headed home and decided to Google the hell out of trying to find out how to get my Beta. After having a teeny tiny rant on Facebook and grunting at my laptop for several hours I then got my answer. The best way to get your Beta access is to pre-order the game via the Game or Gamestation website. Once your pre-order is complete, you will then receive an email on April 21st ready for the Beta on the 25th.

"I don't BELIEVE it!"

During the Beta you don’t only get a chance to play a match against your mates, but you also have a chance to unlock some tasty treats which carry over to your Gears of War 3 profile. During the beta, you get the chance to earn yourself the Beta Tester medal once you have completed a match. You can also unlock the original Lancer assault rifle in a gold plated finish and what is just as cool, Thrashball Cole. Thrashball Cole is basically the Augustus Cole we all know and love, but you can play the version of him before Emergence Day happened.  So if this has got your mouth watering for more, make sure you get your pre-order toot sweet.






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  1. Barry avatar

    I got my beta key with Buletstorm 🙂

    Really looking forward to it, see you on the battlefield!

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  3. TimG13 avatar

    Bulletstorm is also my gateway into the beta. Not only do you get an extra week of play but also a great game.

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