Please Kinect Me

Kinect. Even if you didn’t buy it, there’s just no way to avoid the fact that it’s here. With Kinect games sponsoring all your *ahem* favourite(?!) programs, and even Flora using it in their promos, you would have to hide in a media free zone to not know about Kinect. Of course, if you did live in a media free zone, you wouldn’t be able to read my blog so to hell with you!

I bought Kinect at the midnight launch, with Kinect Adventures as a freebie and Kinectimals and Your Shape padding out the collection. This was later added to by my boyfriend getting me Dance Central for our anniversary (you’ve got to love relationships when you’re both gamers!). For all the bad press about the room needed (an exaggeration, trust me, with perseverance you can make it work, even if only for one player), the expense and the fact it’s just another lame peripheral that you’ll forget about, I love it. Sure, there’s been plenty of terrible launch games. You just have to look at Fighters Uncaged and the stack of other fitness games that really aren’t that impressive, but this is a major bit of tech.

It’s physical. There’s no doubting that. But personally I feel an extra sense of smugness when I pop an achievement in a Kinect game. Not only did I work my gaming prowess, but I also burnt a stack of calories. Sure, I have to balance my gaming a bit so I don’t just keel over dead, but the satisfaction is definitely increased.

You may look a LITTLE silly, but hey, it's fun

We may have a nice stack of games for it now but there’s still temptation for Dr. Kawashima, Kinect Sports and the newly released Yoostar2. Then you look into the future… Child of Eden looks amazing, Kinect Star Wars is destined to be a hit, and The Gunstringer, by none other than Twisted Pixel, provides the first Kinect XBLA title. There’s even talk of a survival horror on the horizon. In fact, there’s so many different types of Kinect games coming out this year that I don’t know how I’ll get through without ending up super-fit. Not a bad side-effect for our sedentary little hobby! With the list of genres embracing Kinect expanding all the time, one thing is clear; Kinect is not the latest failed peripheral. It opens gaming up to more people and provides a wide variety of new challenges for the hardened gamer. If you haven’t already given it a go, then you should. Trust me, you’re missing out.

If there's nothing for you now, just look to upcoming releases






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  1. Optimus Pints avatar
    Optimus Pints

    Get Zumba, Trust me even the tutorial stages will get you sweating. What they need now is a fist of the northstar and i would defo use my kinect on a day to day basis because currently…i’m a weekend warrior

    I can’t wait till the horror games comes out, i think i’ll be awesome but one question, do you think the sensor will still recognize you if you turned your lights off? I like horror games in the dark..

    Which o

  2. Optimus Pints avatar
    Optimus Pints

    Don’t know why my message sent,

    Which off the kinect games do you play most at the moment?

  3. kinell avatar

    Nice advert.

    Shame you couldn’t mention any games worth getting.

  4. Zoey avatar

    @Optimus – At the moment I’m loving Dance Central and trying to finish up Kinectimals. Plus YourShape to try and get me fit for summer!

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