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Ready Up recently attended the London Anime Con. Not just so we could buy awesome bags and posters, watch crazy cartoons and dress up in daft wigs and outfits but in our capacity as ambassadors of the gaming community! We held a panel on forming gaming communities called “Together in Electric Dreams”, of course. Dan was the panel chair and I along with Leon Cox from GamerDork and Joe Lee from DS:London waxed lyrical on the complexities and joys of running gaming communities and their importance.

The Panel Team

It was great to get our message across to an audience but I actually came away even more happy with having spent a bit of time with others who do something similar to ourselves and finding out how they work to make their community grow and develop. While GamerDork’s greatest success is their podcast which has been running for hundreds of episodes and has a staunch fanbase, they are only just beginning to develop the writing part of their site into a bigger element of the overall GamerDork community. Joe on the other hand pointed out that DS:London’s website is the smallest part of their operation, being mostly a messageboard to help regularly bring together their community in a real world setting. We all have different ways to spread the word that gaming doesn’t have to be an isolating activity. The lesson I learned that sticks out most in my mind, though, came from Dan who in answer to a question from the floor about the art in games pointed out that not only is there art within the design of games but in the way we play them, too.






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