Now That Was Scary!

In a recent blog I mentioned the fact that I don’t particularly enjoy playing ‘scary’ games and would rather poke my eye with a spork. Recently I ventured in to the world of Dead Space as I said I would (eventually) in order to conquer my greatest fears… being trapped in a small space whilst being attacked by inhuman beings with their tentacle feelers.

Having just finished the game I can say that I safely travelled through the cosmos with no mental damage, thankfully! In fact, this was an enjoyable journey even with the odd fright from creatures jumping from the ventilation shafts. It was an amazingly crafted game with a creative storyline and some very… interesting death scenes, some of which I would rather not view again. Until the next time!

At least someone finds the food on this ship tasty.

But, to prove that I’m not such a wuss (to myself) and others, I have drafted a schedule of games to play sometime soon with the odd break in between playing the child friendly Disney games. Next on my list for completion is Condemned (which funnily enough, has been sat on my gaming shelf for many months), then on to Dead Space 2 to complete the story so far and finally on to Condemned 2 in order to finish up that storyline. Any fear I once had about the survival horror genre should be gone after these experiences, or my fears will be made worse to the point where sleeping in the dark will prove to be a problem. Wish me luck (I think I’m going to need it!).





4 responses to “Now That Was Scary!”

  1. Dean avatar

    Boooo! Sorry i mean good luck:) glad to hear you’ve over come your fears and entered one of the most enjoyable genres out there.

    I always break up horror games with brightly coloured JRPGs, so i approve of your strategy. Condemned is very good in a shlocky B-movie way.

    I recommend you travel back in time a bit and play Resident Evil 4 (not to mention all of the others in the series).

  2. Amber avatar

    I love Resident Evil, apart from the early ones -_- I own RE4, so I will take on your offer of playing it soon. 🙂

  3. Dean avatar

    I’m more of a fan of the early ones – 2 is a masterpiece. They’ve recently released a card game based on the franchise – the art work is fantastic:

  4. TimG13 avatar

    Yes, Resident Evil 4 is a must play. The F.E.A.R. games might be worth a look too, and they’ll probably help to ease you into the genre a bit since they’re more shooter than horror.

    Good to hear you enjoyed Dead Space, though.

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