AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE! Everybody I know has an uncanny anger about one thing or another, and everybody I know who plays video games has the one title which will leave them frothing at the mouth by its mere mention. Now I’m not calling them out on it, my own history proves that I am hardly a harbinger of peace and tranquillity with my opinions, but I think it’s time to try and stop the anger.

I'm a gamer God dammit! My opinion has value!

As part of my New Year’s resolution I decided to try and not care so much about everything and try and kick back and take it easy more and, with the small exception of playing Black Ops online, I think I’ve been pretty successful thus far. In recent weeks though as I’ve been flicking through some old Jimquisitions (because the guy is brilliant), I realised a lot of his frustration comes from gamers and rarely from the games themselves. Therefore, I would like to propose everyone just chill the f**k out already.

This is how I play Dead Space 2.

Not in an aggressive way, but let’s just see if we can go a few months where we don’t hear about a group of gamers ‘boycotting this’ or ‘petitioning about that’, just in a relaxed manner where we can all sit back in our respective gaming places and enjoy the games. At the risk of sounding just a clichéd stoned 80s character, we just need to remember why we all do this – enjoyment. I am now reserving my anger for the people who still use an unnecessary amount of effort dedicated to simply adding more bile and hate when it comes to video games. I’m not saying that you can’t have an opinion on a game or an event, but a five minute Google search brings up far more hatred to SSX: Deadly Descent than it should for a game that nobody has even played yet and has only released a 30 second trailer consisting of nothing but CGI.

Hate a game, give a game a bad review, despise an event you went to, discuss how DRM is both painful and futile, pick apart the calibre of multiplayer when compared to different systems – these are all perfectly understandable uses of time. I’m just saying that wasting time and energy on petty stuff, like failing to boycott a game which you buy anyway, isn’t going to be part of my life anymore. I’m done with my anger, and in 2011 it shall not dictate the way I game, now who’s up for a big Kingdom Hearts hug?






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  1. Mark P avatar

    But if we’re not allowed to hate a game that isn’t out yet, does that mean we’re not allowed to like a game that isn’t out yet?

    Quite a lot of people I know proclaim games that aren’t out yet to be “the shit” – usually incorrectly.

    Mass Effect 3 is the best game ever though. 🙂

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