Some Say…

Some say that her heart ticks like a watch, and that she’s confused by stairs… some say she invented Branston Pickle, and that if you insult her mother she will headbutt you in the chest. Some say that she is not allowed by law, within a hundred yards of Lorraine Kelly, and that she’s never seen an episode of Top Gear because she’s a huge fan of Midsomer Murders. All we know is, she’s called The Stig! Not really. Good intro though don’t you think?

Pretty in pink.

I don’t like cars, I can’t drive and I suck at car games, and I mean really suck. That’s nothing to do with me being a woman or anything. I just get frustrated easily with driving games and avoid them at all costs. I vaguely remember playing Colin McRae on the PlayStation many moons ago and I was not allowed to play it again because I used the cheat that turned the driver into jelly… yeah. My uncle was not impressed because he couldn’t undo it. So I just didn’t get into car games and stuck to my RPGs. Then last November there was a change. I was exposed to Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and I’ve loved it ever since. This is weird for me because I’m not a car person, I don’t even watch Top Gear a lot nor glance at Auto Trader. Cars are of no interest to me.

I swear it was already broken officer!

With a great soundtrack and an addictive online mode, I can see why people do enjoy the Need for Speed series. Oh and of course there are the cars too. The only two car types I know well are the Mini and Fiat but everyone seems to detest them and sadly neither appeared in the latest Need for Speed. I also tried my hand at Burnout: Paradise but all I wanted to do was trash billboard signs and drive around like a lunatic. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t drive in reality!


So if you do happen to see me behind the wheel of any vehicle in real life, then I advise you to get indoors because there is a good chance I may end up mounting the pavement and mowing down any poor pedestrians in my way. You have been warned!

*Please drive sensibly and respect our driving laws. I know all good gamers behave out there behind the wheel, well I hope you do 🙂






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  1. Mark P avatar

    “I swear it was already broken officer!”
    Are you referring to the sound barrier? 😀

    I’m not a racing game person myself either, but I’ve also found Hot Pursuit to be pretty damned good. Maybe Criterion are hiding subliminal messages in it?

  2. TimG13 avatar

    Me too. I don’t consider myself to be a boy-racer, but when it involves huge explosions and/or high speed chases I can’t help but be interested. I’m still yet to try Hot Pursuit but Split/Second is an accessible and underrated little gem of a racer which I spent quite a bit of time with last year. Check it out.

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