Arcana Heart 3 Heading to Europe

Fighting game fans have never had it better, over the last few years we’ve seen a real return to form for the genre and fighting games are now back to being considered Triple A titles once again. Possibly the most exciting part of this is that games that would not have found a viable market in the UK are now getting the green light for release. It gives me great joy to announce that one such title is making that trip to the shores of the UK, the latest game in a franchise I hold close to my heart. A franchise that is the only reason there is still an NTSC PlayStation 2 still attached to my TV.After their astounding job bringing the BlazBlue series to Europe our very good friends at Zen United will be releasing PQube’s Arcana Heart 3 across Europe for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this year.

“We’re really excited to be able to bring Arcana Heart 3 to Europe .” said Geraint Evans, Marketing Manager at Zen United. “The success of the BlazBlue series in the UK and around Europe has demonstrated the level of passion and support in the market for innovative fighting games . We’re thrilled to be able to answer fans’ demand for this superb fighting series.”

Keep an eye on Ready Up as we’ll let you know the moment we hear even a sniff of a release date but for now I’ll leave you with some screenshots showing off what a beautiful game Arcana Heart 3 is. <3

Arcana Heart 3
New girl Angelia Avallone lets loose a screen filling super move
Arcana Heart 3
On a widescreen display the sidebars are animated to follow the on screen action.
Arcana Heart 3
Saki Tsuzura on the left, that's my girl. She's british too!







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  1. Duncan avatar

    I agree with Anonymous. 🙂

  2. Lauren avatar

    Now thats what I like, girly anime characters kicking each others butts! One for the preorder list methinks!

  3. Dean avatar

    Good Shit. Food for the soul.

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