I Hate Fallout 3 And You Should Too!

I love playing games, I really do, even more so I like to play good games, sometimes though the occasional bad game slips through.  I have played some terrible games in my time, one of the most noticeable was Robocop 3 on the SNES, my word that was a pile of utter junk.  I feel sorry for the developers that poured in hours and hours of time to make what they may have thought was a good product, only to discover it was utter trash.  The current generation of consoles heralded a new era in gaming, the principle should have been an increase in the quality of games and for the large part it was true, I was wallowing in quality gaming, until one fateful day.

Wow! Look at all the… grey!

On the day in question I decided to buy a game based on the positive, praising reviews, I even shelled out a little extra to buy the special edition.  So convinced was I that I was going to love the game, I made sure I had lots of extra time to play it.  I opened the lunchbox case, took out the bobble-head figure, had a look through the hard copy book and eventually put Fallout 3 in my console and then wished I hadn’t.  I was expecting cutting edge graphics, stunning settings and engrossing gameplay, all of which were promoted through all the glowing reviews.  Instead I got characters looking like they were moulded from white wax, a colour palette consisting mainly of grey with the occasional dark grey and some of the most tedious, wandering through barren waste-grounds, gameplay I’ve ever had the displeasure of experiencing.  Maybe it was just me though, maybe I was missing something, maybe, just maybe I hadn’t played it long enough to “get it!”  So I made the second biggest mistake in as many days… I played it even more!

The only reason to buy Fallout 3.

At this moment I would love to go into the various nuances that made me despise this game so much, but in reality I can’t actually pin it down to any one specific thing, I just hated the whole package so, so much.  One of my biggest bugbears was that I couldn’t carry infinite items!  What the hell is that all about?  A game that has so much stuff lying around, be it food or weapons or clothes, but you can only carry so much.  If your character gets overburdened you have to drop stuff to pick up the stuff you want, how un-gamelike is that?  At this point I started to wonder if I had the right game, surely this wasn’t the game being praised from all angles!  Sadly it was and I had completely no idea why!  Then I remembered… this was the natural successor to Oblivion and I had hated that game almost as much, but not so bad due to the fact that Oblivion actually has a colour palette.  I tried so hard to like Fallout 3, I really did, but as much as I tried I just couldn’t bring myself to like it in any capacity.  There was only one option left to explore and it turned out to be the best choice that made me fully appreciate the worth of Fallout 3.

A busty wench does not a game make!

I traded it in while it was still worth a considerable amount of money, best thing I’d done in relation to a game.  I had washed my hands of it and rid it from my life forever, never again would Fallout 3 darken my door.  At this point I expect you may be thinking that I’m going to confess to going out and buying it again and actually enjoying it this time around.  You may be thinking that I had too many expectations based on my dislike of Oblivion, and that once I’d gotten used to the inventory system a little better that I fall in love with the game, like I never had before.  It may be reasonable to think that the muted colour palette and post apocalyptic setting actually grew on me until I felt like it was the greatest game setting ever and you know what?  You’d be sorely wrong, I fucking despise Fallout 3 to the point that I would happily jump up and down on the disc to render it unplayable, what anyone sees in this pile of shite is beyond me.  I’m happy to say that I haven’t gone anywhere near Fallout New Vegas either, because I know that I would also hate that more than is humanly possible.  I appreciate that a great many of you think that they are great games, everyone is entitled to an opinion after all, I just don’t know why so many of you can’t see how awful the games really are!  Anyway, enough of my ramblings, I’m off to play some decent games.  Now, where did I put Kinectimals?







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  1. Susan avatar

    Haha, I felt like this when I first played Fallout 3, but I eventually fell for it. It creeps up on you and the feeling of post-apocalyptica and having to fight for your survival even down to repairing your weapons and selectively scavenging items is really great! But fair enough, not everyone will fall for it. I didn’t fall for Oblivion O_o

  2. Kirsten avatar

    Yeah, not surprised to see that you didn’t actually state how long you played the game, Martin. It’s hard to love for at least the first 20 hours. I think most people find it annoying and hard going for that first bit and your story is actually quite common. I know loads of people who dismissed it after giving it what they considered a fair crack of the whip. But it has at least 100 hours of content and like all the best things in life it’s treasures are hidden. I think if a game doesn;t grab you quickly that is the developers fault though and I’m not surprised that quite a lot of people aren’t prepared to sink the necessary time into to get out of it what it has to offer but it does have a lot to offer and I feel sorry for those that miss out.

  3. Mark P avatar

    Third’d! I actually gave up on Fallout 3, went back to it later on and started to enjoy it a lot more. There was a point after leaving the Vault I was trying to find a way to the Galaxy News Radio station in the Capital Wasteland but kept getting lost because the Pipboy didn’t really show me where I was supposed to be going clearly enough (apparently there was a subway I was supposed to have headed to).

    I also don’t think I really prepared for just how much the game opened up to you after you left the Vault. I was completely unsure as to which direction to take so I just opted for the nearest interesting looking thing – a bit rocket that was actually just a fancy sign for a garage.

  4. daiphoenix avatar

    I don’t think its fair to say the game is bad just because you didn’t like it. Just because a game is said to be good, and a lot of people like it, doesn’t mean everyone will. Perhaps they don’t the genre, the style, or just some idiosyncrasy of the game.
    For example, the GTA series are great games, yet I never played them, nor plan to (other than the afternoon I spent trying out the first GTA 4 for the first time). The main reason being that I don’t quite enjoy playing a story-based game where the protagonist is a “bad guy”.

    – Bruno

  5. Martin avatar

    I think I played it every night for a few hours for a week or so. It just didn’t grab me, maybe I’m
    a more arcade type player. Faced with vast bouts if nothingness just killed it for me.
    I’m not saying it’s a bad game, personally I just didn’t like it.

  6. Barry avatar

    Thats a shame Martin as Fallout 3 really is a slow burner. I know for certain I had as much hatred for the game, I even traded it in twice as well. For me it wasn’t the greys or browns, it was the lack of direction once you exit vault 101, but I soon persevered though. Slowly but surely I fell in love with the game, clocked up over 100 hours and seen most of what there is to see.

    I’m so glad that I took the time to get past the frustration.

  7. Rose avatar

    i have no particular love for fallout (much prefer S.T.A.L.K.E.R), but a limited inventory space is quite standard in RPGs.

  8. Simes avatar

    “what anyone sees in this pile of shite is beyond me”

    But you’re not saying it’s a bad game.

  9. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    I had put alot of time into Oblivion and therefore I was ready to get stuck into Fallout 3 when it game out. For a long time I didn’t like it as much as Oblivion and I think that was done to the colour palette but I contined to play. In the end I preferred Fallout 3, possibly because I liked guns over swords. There was an option of two special editions and I went for the one with the small Brotherhood Of Steel figure, after spending so much time with the game though I want a vault boy Bobblehead.

  10. Tony avatar

    I borrowed Fallout 3 after a friend of mine insisted. I played it for a while, got out of the Vault, then quickly ran into the frustrations Martin describes, and fairly quickly got bored of it. I didnt hate it, but I just would rather have been playing something else. Maybe I would have hated it if I had invested £40+ on it rather than borrowing it from a friend, though.

  11. Dave Irwin avatar
    Dave Irwin

    The term “Maturing like a fine wine” sums up what happens when you play Fallout 3. I spent hours on it and got sucked in timewise, but I enjoyed it because it conveyed a setting not so well featured before its inception. It does however depend on whether a player wants a quick fix to reality or whether they want to be drawn in one step at a time.

  12. Simon avatar

    Fallout 3 is one of the best games this generation and had me from minute one to hour 80.

  13. Ironredboy II avatar
    Ironredboy II

    I think Martin is on a wind up. 😉

  14. Celeste avatar

    How on Earth this blog slipped past me I shall never know!

    It sounds to me like RPGs simply don’t do it for you, Martin, because Oblivion was a fantastic RPG, and Fallout 3 was, technically speaking, even better. The economy issues had been sorted out somewhat and engaging in combat was suddenly something to think twice about!

    I agree that the setting of Fallout 3 is extremely lackluster, that’s the way it goes with post-apocalyptic settings, ya know? This was one of the main reasons why I preferred playing Oblivion – Oblivion was a world (and that’s what RPGs are, they are worlds) that I genuinely wanted to be in. Fallout 3 I have played to level 28 but I haven’t engaged in even a fraction of the adventures I did in Oblivion.

    As for the limited inventory capacity, have you even played an adventure game before, Martin? This is textbook, and a good job too as it means you have to play tactically.

    RPGs are open world experiences, and they don’t suit everyone for that reason. But for me, Fallout 3 gave me realism, a place to play tactically, a place to make my own decisions, a place to tackle supermutants side-by-side with my very own supermutant. And I loved and respected it for that.

  15. Martin avatar

    Not a wind up, I just don’t get it. I’ve played loads of RPG and adventure type games but they haven’t really floated my boat. I could name plenty of other games that haven’t worked for me but Fallout 3 was the worst offender. I’ve struggled to get in to the Fable games and had doubts over the Mass Effects but I quite like the way Mass Effect plays out.
    Of course I’m not suggesting that everyone should also dislike them, I’m more than sure that there are plenty of games that I adore that many of you may hate. It’s all part of being an individual and having an opinion, makes us all human. Oh, Borderlands too, never really grabbed me. Yes, I’m beginning to see that maybe I’m RPG phobic.

  16. Dean avatar

    [Speech 55] Martin where do you live? Just so i know where i’d like the bomb to fall first should there be a Nuclear holocaust.

    Now excuse me while i go and boot up New Vegas.

  17. Martin avatar

    Jings Dean, that’s a bit of a harsh reaction because I don’t like Fallout, I’m not sure wishing death on me was a reaction I expected!
    I suppose it shows that some people can be hugely passionate about a game that others may loathe and that is what makes the world go round. If we all agreed things would be quite boring.
    Anyway I’m off to warn my daughter about the holocaust and start on my shelter in the garden.

  18. Optimus_Pints avatar

    Martin, what would happen if they made fall out for the kinect, good or bad idea? just think! you’ll be able to dress like Mel Gibson, before he was crazy…ier

  19. Mike avatar

    No. Just no.

  20. Mike avatar

    Althought I hate Street Fighter, so s’all good.

  21. Optimus_Pints avatar

    Just think mike it would be awesome, you pretend your walking through the wasteland and WE DON’T NEED ANOTHER HERO follows you wherever you go

  22. Martin avatar

    I wasn’t insinuating that Kinect made bad games good, I was merely saying that I would rather play Kinectimals over Fallout 3. If they did indeed make a Kinect friendly Fallout game, I wouldn’t be buying it.
    BTW you don’t need to dress up in games related clothes to play Kinect games, your normal clothes work fine 🙂

  23. optimus pints avatar
    optimus pints

    Sorry Martin! It wasnt a serious question it was a lighted hearted one. I know you can play it in normal clothes but id want to feel the part and besides if they take pictures youd look like mel gibson lmao

  24. Dean avatar

    Not really – i was only being sarcastic. I wouldn’t kill you… well not until the second playthrough, when i was taking on the persona of a ruthless, embittered, vengeful slaver.

    That’s the beauty of Fall Out. Its such a vast detailed game world that adapts to almost every approach you can imagine. I agree it may not be pretty (its damn depressing most of the time), but then there are moments of ingenius humour that just lift the mood at just the right moment. Yesterday whilst playing New Vegas i found an old ski lodge deep in the mountains being used as a detox clinic for super mutants! It was such a bizarre and brilliant discovery. I can forgive any game the odd annoyances of its mechanics and graphics if it serves up ideas like that on a regular basis.

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