On The Road Again

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m going to be spending some significant time ‘on the road’ over the next few weeks and months. This has required me to give some consideration to my gaming activites and how I’m going to get some quality time into my schedule.

Key amongst these considerations are, of course, my portable platforms. I’ve charged up the DSs and they’re ready to go, I picked up the PSP and then put it back down again. To be honest I’ve got a couple of games for the PSP but I’ve never really engaged with the device, I don’t know why, I used to watch movies on it on flights etc., but now I’ve got the iPad it just seems a bit redundant.

The iPad, now there’s a device I’ve only just given some ‘game time’ to. I’ve loaded Angry Birds on there, of course, but apart from that it’s been some more esoteric titles which I’ve been enjoying. A particular time-sync is Osmos and if you’ve never seen this, I’d really suggest you give it a go. It’s probably the only game I can think of which bases its entire concept on the laws of physics, in particular mass and gravity. It’s only when you are trying to catch an object in orbit when you understand the astrophysical phrase “slow down to go faster” — brilliant!

So that’s DS x 2 as I’m travelling with a colleague, iPad for movies and some alternative gaming, my iPod is also a constant in my travel bag for music and audiobooks and I will admit I’ve played a couple of the little games on there too, but it’s not what I’d call fun. Other kit?

In my bag I’ll also have my new MacBook Pro. Not a gaming platform by any means but I HAVE copied my installation of WoW over. There are a lot of assumptions made in this particular move, principally being that decent ‘net access will be available where I’m going, as my first stop is Beijing this may be an assumption too far!

What I’m really missing is my Xbox 360. I did give some semi-serious thought to packing it — or perhaps buying one to take with me — but it’s just too much to add into the suitcase and I’d get some serious stick from Sarah, my other half, if I was to carry out that particular plan. Plus there is always the risk that it’d end up in more pieces than it should be!

Web-gaming? I’ve got to admit I’ve never given any serious time to web-gaming. I think this is because they’re typically a bit… well lightweight really. Perhaps I’ll have a look.

That'll be me off-ski around the world, sans Xbox 360.







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  1. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    Send this to Microsoft and maybe they’ll finally decide to make a portable gaming device to rival Nintendo. My PSP is only used for watching things when travelling.

  2. Rose avatar

    i love osmos. with my entire heart. (it’s available on steam, too.)

  3. E T avatar
    E T

    Bored. Mooching on interweb. Look who I found!? Still think of you from time to time. Hope you are happy & being a good boy. Hugs xx

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