I Need More Hours

I have a significant problem – no not that one – I don’t have enough time in my days. Let me break it down:

1. Work – I am lucky enough to work at home and for myself. Sometimes this means that I can take some time out and go shopping, or have a long lunch but sometimes it means that I spend a lot of hours at work as I never really leave. Sure the commute from the kitchen to my office is one flight of stairs which is cool, but it’s also diffcult sometimes to break away, especially when I’m planning a 15 date world tour delivering workshops on Cloud computing! Anyway.. there’s work, 10 hours plus.

2. Sleep – An unfortunate necessity but a minimum of 7 hours plus getting-to-sleep reading time of an hour. I know there are those who get less, but I also know the nightmare which a lack of sleep can be.

3. Eating – I can’t miss out on this, it’s one of the simple pleasures in life! A couple of hours per day in prep and consumption.

4. My fantastic girlfriend Sarah – by no means a chore, nor is the time spent with her ever resented, but it is time… 3-4 hours

Have you been keeping a running tally? Well here it is, I’ve just totalled 24 hours (near enough). Notice anything missing? DAMMIT! Where is my gaming time?!

I have a growing stack of games for the XBox which I need, no WANT to play through and complete, I’ve now crested Level 80 in WoW and I want to be ready for Cataclysm so there are a few prep quests I need to get into and finish off there too, the red eye of my PS3 stares at me with a sullen resentment as I can’t remember how long it is since I actually switched it on and the batteries in all of my hand-helds are flat.

Even my WoW character is getting upset.

Of course there is the weekend but, to be honest, there are the weekend requirements of running a house – garden, minor fixes, shopping – plus then I’ve got my bike to work on and get ready for the winter off-road season, plus certain visits which need to be made and time which needs to be spent in the company of others. Anyway, I don’t want to be a ‘weekend gamer’, I want to continue being a full on, relatively hardcore gamer.

So what does one do? Well obviously something has to give and I’m pretty sure that the current state of affairs is only temporary – albeit somewhat extended  as organising 15 international trips inside of 3 months is going to be tough – but I really need to get some time back from the ‘work’ category I think. Or shuffle something else around, or get a new job, or stop eating or sleeping!

I wonder how good the connection to the WoW Europe servers is in Sao Paulo…







3 responses to “I Need More Hours”

  1. Laura avatar

    I know the feeling lately. If you do manage to get hold of more hours could you send some my way please? Cheers.

  2. Simon avatar

    I know exactly what you mean.

    This week, I’ve had -2 hours for games. Minus 2.

  3. Duncan avatar

    Though a comment which shall bring a cloud of hate upon me: … I’m so glad I’m still a student.

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