Insane in the Ubrain

Having recently defected from the bleeding edge and ultra geeky Android mobile phone camp into the more conformist, but much tidier, iCamp I have been obsessively trawling the iTunes Apps Store for the ultimate in useful, fun and strange portable gems.

I want to tell you all about one of my discoveries today, Ubrain is an app that uses the concept of binaural beats to enhance your mood, focus or energy levels by using digital tonics. Yes, I know it sounds pretty crazy and in all honesty it is but it is also really rather cool. I was going to go on to explain, in my own words how it all works, but really the guys at Ubrain explain it better than I ever could.

Neurological brain scans prove that at all times your brain has a frequency. When you sleep it is about 4Hz and when you party it is between 20-30Hz. Binaural beats are based on broadcasting 2 different frequencies, one in each ear, resulting in a median 3rd beat. This 3rd beat becomes an attraction to your brain and encourages cerebral activity to stick to this virtual beat and carry the brain to this frequency. This is called brain entrainment. Although only a temporary effect, this allows control and promotes many advantageous results such as focusing, energizing, relaxing, waking up and whole brain thinking.

Simple enough theory, but does it work? Well I have taken the app for a test drive a few times and I think they might just have something. The low frequency sounds cause an odd, but pleasant sensation. Personally I preferred the built in tonics rather than having the app tonic up my own music, and the relaxation sessions seemed to work the best for me. The night I went to sleep listening to a chillout session I was out cold and woke feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.

I was using the iPhone version but they have an iPad, PC and (ironically for me) have released an Android version since I discovered the app, with more platforms coming soon. At £2.99 it may seem moderately expensive for someone used to 59p iPhone games but in context that’s less than a couple of morning lattes from ‘bucks to wake you up, or a shot of JD to knock you out!

Give it a shot! I’d love to hear how you got on with it. Also the little Ubrain kitty is adorable!








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  1. Kami avatar

    Tried it, worked great for an afternoon nap, woke up feeling great (usually feel groggy and horrid) but the other things it helps with (mental focus, night sleeping) seem to do nothing… so it’s a bit of a 50/50

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