The Three Deadly Geeks

Let’s start with the more common type of geek. Know as the Casularta geekus or ‘casual geek’, it has since been revealed that there is a greater number of Casularta’s then it was first thought. The Casularta’s population has taken a sharp increase because of the growing number of electronic devices which have now become more appealing to a wider audience. The Casularta’s are able to appreciate the various aspects of the geek. At times they can have a fractured understanding of all things geek or they may even be able to excel in a particular area.

Once the ‘Casularta’s’ are able to prove their geek worth, they can then move to the next level of geek know as the ‘Standuardo’. The Standuardo’s have a deeper understanding of the geeks and is able to form a more meaningful link between man and machine. These particular geeks have normally expanded their knowledge through studying the subject and mass hours of surfing the internet. Many of the Standuardo’s strengths can be found within the more technical side of things, which gives them a better grasp of how things work.

At the top of the geek hierarchy is the Ultimato-geekno. The Ultimato-geekno or ‘Ultimate geek’ knows the world of the geeks better then the back of their hands. They live for the next morsel of all things geek. The Ultimato-geekno’s knowledge is so massive they can struggle to lead their daily lives for they are constantly bombarded by questions and many requests for help. The position of the ulitmato-geekno is constantly under threat by the Standuardo’s, so it is vital for their survival to try and keep up to date with all the current geek news.

I drew this pic of a geek shop that I visit myself. And yes it is by a river and rolling hills.

Although there are very different types of geeks, it is clear that they all share a common ground. This is the core reason why each of these geeks can exist in peace. But I don’t think we have heard the last of the geeks. I believe that with further study, I can uncover more types of geeks which can bleed into the existing geek structure. Will this threaten the geeks as we know it, I don’t think so. I have learned that the geeks are an accepting bunch and will welcome with open arms anyone else who wants to be just like them.

This is my scientific diagram of the geek’s hierarchy in pretty colours.

Welcome to the fascinating world of the Geekeus-fantabuloso-controlo, a.k.a Geeks. Known for their superior knowledge for all things of the gadgets, gizmos and all things that are to do with games, the geeks are an underestimated breed and at many times misunderstood. As with other categories of the various humans, geeks can at times be grouped together and it is assumed that all geeks have the same level of passion and know-how. Today I wanted to distinguish the various types of geeks and explain how although there is a hierarchy that all the geeks succumb to, that they all can live harmoniously… sometimes.







3 responses to “The Three Deadly Geeks”

  1. Mark P avatar

    As a standuardo myself, I found that pretty coloured diagram a great way to see just where I fit in! So clear and to the point. Thank you, for my life now has purpose. 😀

  2. Dean avatar

    Although i consider myself a massive geek and love gizmos etc, i’m more obsessed with attaining loads of useless knowledge about obscure areas of culture – like old Japanese movies – rather than figuring out how things actually work. I’ve always considered those with such an adavanced technical knowledge (computer programmers and such) to be ‘nerds’ rather than geeks. I think geeks are those that would prefer to take the theoretical route, choosing a film theory course over a film making course, like i did for instance. Consequently nerds are more employable than geeks. I’m not sure where dweebs fit into all this – i suspect the only exist in American high schools and have no staying power.

    All i know for certain is that nerds and dweebs are also the names of bloody delicious American sweets. As far as i know geeks haven’t been turned into a delicious confectionary yet.

  3. Sarah-Lou avatar

    Now if geek was turned into a sweet I think it would be like those popping candy thing which you put on your toung, mmmm yummy and explosive.

    Mark I am glad my diagram has shown you were you fit into the geek world. Now use this information and become the ultimato-geekno you are born to be!

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