Cuteness Overload~!

For some, syrupy sweet and adorable just isn’t palatable. Personally, I love it. I thrive on sugar, my favourite colour is pink, my room is filled with plushies and I have a love for Disney’s Stitch that knows no bounds. As we enter the darker, colder winter months, face the back to school routine and so on, you might be in need of a little sunshine and sweetness. Allow me to share with you my favourite brightest and cutest games to add a little bit of sugar, spice and all things nice to your gaming routine. Humour me, then you can go back to shooting zombies in the head.

We Love Katamari!

To begin with, let’s look briefly at the Katamari series. The basic idea of all the Katamari games is to play as the tiny Prince, rolling around a Katamari which is a tiny ball-like device that will stick to objects smaller than itself, gradually increasing in size. Your objective is to roll around and gather as many objects as you can, and meet the goals of the stage. Whether you’re creating a new planet or creating something big enough to plug an existence-threatening hole in the galaxy, rolling around in this colourful cartoon world is pretty funny. Even if some innocent bystanders look rather affronted when they get picked up as part of your giant ball.

How do your pumpkins grow?

If you don’t want something so active, then perhaps you’ll enjoy the Viva Piñata series. It’s rather soothing tending flowers, doing some landscape gardening and attracting piñata to come and live on your little patch of land. Every piñata is named after a cross between an animal and candy, some of my favourites being the Macaracoon, the Bunnycomb and the Chewnicorn. The games are very colourful and cheerful, but they aren’t without some brutal facts of nature. For example, the food chain is in full operation here and really, you’re raising your piñata to be dispatched and whacked to pieces by eager children at birthday parties. However, they are magically reassembled, and for some strange reason, they come back happier!

Pata, pata, pata PON! PON! PON! PON!

Talking of sending cute creatures to be battered to pieces, there’s always Patapon. Instead of being a gardening god, you are the almighty one, leading an adorable army of monochrome mini one-eyed monsters into battle. This is done through good old rhythm-action timing and watching your little minions obey your commands. Pata, pata, pata PON! If you do well enough, you’ll send them into fever mode and they’ll wreak havoc on their enemies through more frenzied dancing and fighting! Your timing will have to be spot-on though and your rhythm strong, especially as there isn’t a pause button; the only way to halt the action is to put your PSP into sleep mode which will break your flow. Don’t expect to win if you’re dying for the bathroom.

If you’re looking for something a little easier to play, then perhaps Yoshi’s Story will be for you. This little gem was originally on the N64 but is available on the Wii’s Virtual Console as well as on the DS. Easily the most adorable member of the Mushroom Kingdom, Yoshi stars in this wonderfully sweet game with its picture book atmosphere. Scoff if you like, but nobody can fail to be charmed by the theme tune, which is made up of a group of Yoshis singing along. Even though some may argue that Yoshi’s Island is a better game and still as cute, Yoshi’s Story wins my vote because it’s pure Yoshi plus you don’t have the hassle of dealing with tag-along babies. Yoshis love running around, bouncing and eating and the game includes all of these things by providing simple platforming action and lots of fruit that will restore Yoshi’s health. The game is very short, and quite easy to play too. If it doesn’t bring at least a little smile to your face, then your heart is certainly made of sterner stuff than mine.

That should give you enough to go along with! Now run along and have your dose of sunshine and sweetness. Just don’t blame me for any cavities… ^_^







3 responses to “Cuteness Overload~!”

  1. Dean avatar

    I’ll probably need to play something cute after i finish the two Condemned games i’ve finally got around to. I do like to alternate between the two extremes. Dead Space and then Eternal Sonata, makes for an interesting juxtaposition. You didn’t mention Loco Roco, you gotta love the way they sing as they roll around:)

  2. Susan avatar

    Ah Loco Roco!! Oh man, what an oversight. I was blinded by drumming monsters and sweet little dinosaurs! *_*

  3. Dean avatar

    What’s your favourite coloured Loco Roco? I like the Black one. he sounds like a Japanese pop crooner circa 1960s. The pink one is great too. Like a French Chanteuse (kind of like Edith Piaf).

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