I am Noble 6

I hold in my hand a copy of Halo Reach. The reason I’m not playing it right this second is because I have parenty type things that need doing. I could get away with quickly trying the intro, maybe the first level, or a quick Slayer match but it wouldn’t be enough. I’ve been at college all day, I need to start making dinner in a little while and then it’s bathtime, clean up time and the kids’ bedtime. Only then, when the whole house is still and uncluttered will I remove the plastic wrapping, break the seal and open up the case. I’ll pause to smile to myself then gently pop the disc out and ever so carefully place the game into my 360’s tray.

Even though I’ve not yet played the game I am already Noble 6. Soon I’m going on an adventure. This is the down-time before my mission starts. The calm before the storm. I’m escaping real life to do something special, to go somewhere that doesn’t exist, where a desperate struggle againt a relentless foe rages on. That nameless, faceless shell that I will be controlling, already means more to me than any deep, complex character I’ve ever ‘become’.

I’m playing the game; I’m the hero; I’m going to defend Reach and fight for humanity against incredible, overwhelming odds ’til the credits roll. This is what the Halo games get just right for me. Master Chief – he barely speaks, and even when he does it’s only in cut-scenes. There are no cheeky quips at senior officers; there is no mocking or taunting as enemies get trashed and not one exclamation of self-congratulation after a headshot to be heard, unless I’m actually saying them out loud, as I play, which I usually tend to.

During gameplay, it’s me under that green Mark IV armour. I get to pretend I have lightning fast reflexes that can dodge bullets and plasma from alien weapons. I have super strength. I have the respect and admiration of those under my command. When I play Reach, it will be the same. I’ll be a super soldier. I’ll feel invincible, immortal, untouchable. For a short while I can can forget about bills and housework. I want to lose myself in this world, as this person, this version of me. I am a Spartan. I am Noble 6.







3 responses to “I am Noble 6”

  1. Mark P avatar

    I done got a flaming helmet.

  2. Martin avatar

    I’m loving the campaign, it’s got a little bit of everything in it. Halo-esque ghillies in the mist and Omaha beach landing make me smile.

  3. Simon avatar

    This is pretty much how I feel too 🙂

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