Master of My Own Sim-niverse

Welcome one and all to my town ‘Hot Stuff’. I am your Mayor Sazzlepop, a.k.a Sezzyboo or to the masses, Sarah-Lou. I thought today I would give you the grand tour of my newly built town which is brimming with hospitality, culture and most importantly jobs. With the world still being in the throes of the icky recession, I decided to make a town filled with opportunity, friendly residents and picturesque views. So if this sounds like the town that you want to live in then why not give my town of ‘Hot Stuff’ a try!

'Hot Stuff' at night… ain't it just the prettiest!

Although I only started ‘Hot Stuff’ nearly three days ago, I have been able to flash through time and my town is now a healthy 13 years old. There are currently 36,106 Hot Stuffians and the demand to keep expanding is nonstop. With my endless supply of money and the various buildings being at bargain prices, I am able to create not only my dream city, but also accommodate my residents’ demand for various types of buildings and facilities.

But let’s talk honestly now. My town is no different to any other town you will visit. ‘Hot Stuff’ has its fair share of amenities, shops, parks and I have even started construction on my town’s first softball field and tennis court to keep my Hot Stuffians entertained. So with my town having so many things you can more than likely find anywhere, the REAL question is, why would you want to live in a town called ‘Hot Stuff’ that has been built by moi? To be honest with you, why wouldn’t you want to? I mean really, I am a pretty awesome Mayor. To those who haven’t met me yet, I can assure you the power of my sheer awesomeness is super strong.

These Sims help me to make 'Hot Stuff' hot. I don't know there names but there very hard workers!

I keep my town’s taxes to the consistent low value of 7% so my residents pay is mere pittance, all construction is done in a flash so you don’t have to be inconvenienced by random road works and closures, and did I mention that I am Mayor?!  So come on down and give ‘Hot Stuff’ a try, where my townspeople think I rock so much, they even built a statue of me.







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