Puzzle Bots

Puzzle Bots is a puzzle game with kick-ass robots which is available now, for the PC, via the Puzzle Bots website.

Created in the state of the art, ‘Dr. Hugo’s Factory for Making Robots’, the robots, Hero, Ultrabot, Kelvin, Ibi and Bomchelle were made for the sole purpose of doing chores. But while their inventors are away, the robots escape their ‘Bot Habitat’ and explore the factory they were made in. As the robots prepare to have their own adventure, their inventors, Zander, Yurkio, Theo, Viktor and Astrid battle with their own issues of office romance, running away from birds and contemplating why there are only six people in such a large facility. While Zander decides to go for a walk, he trips over a metal box, which he decides to bring back to the lab.

As the other inventors are wondering what it is, Dr. Hugo begins to act very weird and starts mumbling nonsense, making the inventors all the more interested in the unidentified object. With none of the inventors being able to pry open the box, the robots decide to have a go. After getting the strange box open the robots unwittingly start a chain of events and uncover the secret that Dr. Hugo has been trying to hide.

Each robot has been created with their own special ability which range from picking up items to blowing things up. You get to learn each of the robots abilities when they are put through their paces in various experiments by their inventors. In order to help the robots to get through the 17 different levels and to find out what Dr. Hugo is hiding, you will need to use the combination of their skills and your own wit.

Puzzle Bots is very straightforward to play, with the controls consisting of pointing and clicking at various objects you want to interact with and the robot you want to use.  If you get stuck you do have the option of clicking the ‘Hint’ button. And while you are touring each level, make sure you have a look out for the eight bonus items, which, when collected, not only make the robots breakout into dance, but can be used to kit out the robots ‘Bot Habitat’.

If I were to be brutally honest about Puzzle Bots, I would say that my main gripe is that once I’d finished the game I just wanted more. I believe it’s one thing to make a decent puzzle game which involves robots, but to have it with a really funny storyline that intertwines with the levels you complete and a dollop of mystery on top, really makes Puzzle Bots stand out.







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