If It’s Broken, Please Fix It!

So I got my first bad rating over Xbox Live the other day. Not bad going considering I’ve been getting slaughtered kicking ass on Modern Warfare 2 for the past 8 months. I suppose it had to happen eventually.

A sad moment.

The day I had my perfect rep tarnished, I hadn’t been playing very well at all. In fact, I was kind of embarassed to be me at one point. I could blame noobtubers, glitchers, boosters and campers. I could point the finger at everybody who was in the lobby with me. But at the end of the day, I just sucked. Just one of those days where I should have turned it off and given it a rest.

I idly checked my rep at one point when I was waiting for my game to load (yes I was still playing, hoping I would just become awesome again). I do this partially because I like to have a big fat brag about how great I must be to play with, that nobody rates me badly.

I saw it. 94% preferred, 6% avoided. Six per cent?! Does that mean one person equals six per cent of all of the Xbox community? Or have I just had a massive influx of people just decide that actually they don’t want to play with me, ever? Stunned by this baffling logic, I looked over at what it was that had caused this bad rating. I fully expected it to be something like ‘Exceedingly bad at Modern Warfare 2’, or at least something to do with game skill.

The reason was that I was ‘Overly Agressive’. Apparently I took the game too seriously or got angry at other players. Now, I must admit that yes, I have a competetive streak, which means I do like to win, so in turn I suppose it might seem that I may come across as a rather, um, serious gamer. But doesn’t everybody want to win? And anyway, on that day I wasn’t actually getting any winning done. But I must have come across as a serious loser or something.  Either that or I accidentally left my headset on while I was cussing the other gamers.

An incriminating picture of my aggression.

Now, the point of my blog isn’t about how upset I am because I was rated badly. It happens. After the initial ‘Aww I can’t brag anymore’ sulkiness I got over it. It just bought to my attention a fact that a lot of people already know. The Player Review system is… well, crap.

I have heard that most if not all people disregard the Player Review system, mainly because bad ratings are pretty much thrown about left, right and centre for stupid reasons by some people. You can never really tell whether a guy has 4 stars by his name because he is a horrible person to play with, or if he’s just unlucky enough to be rated bad because some people took a dislike to him having ‘rainbow’ in his name or something. I can see why it is in place. I mean, if you see someone cheating, you want other people to be aware of it. But the abuse of the system pretty much renders it all useless.

In my opinion the best solution is to simplify it, and in part, go with the Playstation 3’s way of doing things. Block a person so that you won’t be put in anymore games with them. That is all you really need. Yeah, it isn’t warning others of whatever made you block them but they can do it too, if they encounter the same problems. I think it would be a lot more effective than what we do now.







6 responses to “If It’s Broken, Please Fix It!”

  1. noozles avatar

    I played with the same 6 guys every night on CoD4… we all know each other away from xbox so shouting at each other is part of the fun. We were always in a party so nobody outside the room could hear. I know that none of these guys would put in “overly aggresive” which is my main “bad point” in my rep. My question is, how do you play CoD (any of them) without being aggresive?

    Agree with everything written here… it is broken…

  2. Simes avatar

    I think it’s likely that if someone has *four out of five stars* they probably aren’t a horrible person to play with. And “avoid” does block them from being matchmade with you in the future, it just also asks for a reason and applies that reason to that person’s reputation. The problem, to me, seems to be that people are assuming that anything other than five stars means that someone’s terrible.

  3. Markatansky avatar

    I personally think the ratings system is completely pointless when you can’t see how other people are rated. The only visible indication of your reputation on Xbox live is those 5 stars next to your gamertag. Which are also pointless I may add, since they never seem to be anything other than the full 5 stars unless you’ve not been rated enough in which case it’s 3 (which jumps to about 4 and a half after a few reviews and then to 5).

    Even gamers that have been racists, sexists, arseholes or racist sexist arseholes just seem to sit at 5 stars. >:/

  4. Michael avatar

    “Apparently I took the game too seriously or got angry at other players”

    Sorry but I chuckled. Just a teeny tiny bit though! Anyway…

    I also have a tarnished rep. I think it was because I quit early or left a game one time which, to be fair, was only because the game was so laggy I couldn’t actually do anything! Or maybe it’s my ability to swear a lot. Hang on… *checks rep* No, it is “quitting early” and “being disruptive”. Wow!

    16% of all the people I’ve ever played with think that.

  5. Mark avatar

    Hah, think yourself lucky! 45% of people would preferably never grace a video game server with me present. I’m disruptive, aggressive, unsporting and I quit early. That’s one hell of a CV.

  6. NorfolkNChance avatar

    I got an Aggresive Behaviour rating after chainsawing someone (read a whiney little kid) in Gears… I vaguely remember cries of “don’t use the chainsaw it’s not fair” the little sh*t had been using the shotgun exploit in that round and I had sneaked up on him to introduce him to the business end of the Lancer.

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