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My fellow Ready-Uppers. Let me begin by apologising sincerely from the bottom of heart for my lack of gaming spirit this past fortnight. I know this is clearly unacceptable and I should be stripped of my gaming fem fatale status but believe me I do have a genuine excuse.

‪Normally I am flitting between my Xbox 360, DS and Wii, get my gaming fix and logging some serious female hours. But in the space of two weeks I got in about (counts on all fingers and toes) roughly 13 hours, most of which was done during our  fun filled Thursday game night of Gears of War 2. Now before you book me an emergency appointment with the gaming doctor and he prescribes me a double dose of RPG and racing games, with extra strength kick of intense shooting and fighting, I do have a vaild reason as to my absence from the gaming scene.

Isn't my baby just GORGEOUS.

‪As you are reading this, cast your mind back a few weeks to my blog about needing to upgrade my long surviving laptop for a more snazzy and up to date model. While I was writing my blog I was on the brink of confirming my order and now I am the proud owner of a pink (yeah that’s right… pink!) Sony Vaio and I couldn’t be happier… sort of. I can guarantee that I am not going to whale on my teeny baby especially since it is sooo cute, but at times I must admit that I do have pangs of guilt for not having my sturdy Toshiba any more. We’ve done so much together and I’m used to my Toshy quirky characteristics of over heating when it was on my lap and taking nearly ten minutes to load. Such precious and slightly painful memories are going to be so hard to replace, just thinking about them brings a tear to my eye. But please do not despair about my Toshy, it has now found a new home with my beloved dad who is thrusting himself into the slightly complex and at times scary world of computers. The circle of laptop life is now complete!

Look at how proud my dad is with his

Once I’ve shoved those sentimental feelings to one side, I can then begin all the spoils my new lappy has brought me. I’ve been happily surfing the internet, ‘Mahjong’ing the night away and getting to grips with the shiny Windows 7 (oooo).  And as I sit and buff my glorious laptop I know that in the very very distant future, when I come to the same conclusion that it’s time to upgrade that I too will look back in fondness and possibly in anger at the good and bad times I have had with this laptop.







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