Lord of the Rings Online Free-to-Play Beta Keys

This coming autumn marks an important milestone for The Lord of the Rings Online™ (LOTRO) as it becomes Free-to-Play! That’s right! LOTRO will be free to play for everyone!

UPDATE! Each code we give away will come with a code for 5000 points to spend in the new in-game store!

Players of all levels will explore incredibly detailed realms and join familiar characters in an evolving and persistent re-creation of Tolkien’s beloved world. They will face the dangers Frodo and the Fellowship left behind when they began their epic journey to destroy the One Ring.

Gamers can adventure solo or forge their own fellowships online with others, as they face hideous monsters and minions of Sauron, establish unique reputations, fight epic battles to defend Middle-earth, and immerse themselves in the greatest adventure of our time.

We have teamed up with Codemasters Online and have 100 Beta keys to give away. Just enter your details below for a chance to win.

For more information on the game, please visit http://www.lotro-europe.com/

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6 responses to “Lord of the Rings Online Free-to-Play Beta Keys”

  1. Jack Redden avatar
    Jack Redden

    Thanks. : )

  2. Emiel avatar

    Thank you very much this is a amazing game and i hoped to play it for a long time.

  3. Steve avatar

    LotRO completely rocks!

  4. Snozzeltoff avatar

    Yay i got a BETA key, i do however have to wait for the game to download, a whole 10Gb…
    Commence epic wait :-p

  5. Sam avatar

    Thanks guys, can’t wait to play it

  6. Nic avatar

    Saweeeeeet 🙂 Was on the first beta and just never had the money to subscribe 🙁

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