Nice and PSP’sy

To many gamers it would seem that the mighty Sony can do no wrong, after the runaway success of the Playstation 1 and the market dominance of the Playstation 2 you would have been forgiven for thinking that there could be no competition.  Alas there were more than a few hiccups in getting the Playstation 3 out which enabled Microsoft to trump them with the Xbox 360 and Sony have been scrabbling to regain their once impenetrable position ever since.  However, like Nintendo, Sony have something that Microsoft don’t really have and that something is a truly portable console, step forward the much criticised Playstation Portable (PSP).  Over the years there have been complaints of poor battery life, poor media for games, memory being too costly, no dual thumbsticks and many many more nuances, you know what?  They are all true!  Never stopped me from buying one a few years ago though!

The original and best?

I had always been impressed by the shiny black piece of kit when I saw it in shops and in magazines and after much deliberation I decided that I would get one under the guise of a Christmas present.  This allowed me to go out and choose all the games I wanted to get too and i found myself in game heaven, choosing such awesome titles as Loco Roco, Ridge Racer, Metal Gear Solid and a few more.  I had to wait until Christmas day before I could get my hands on my new toy and when the day came I wasn’t disappointed, I think I spent more time playing Outrun than anything else, it was like having a great wee arcade in my hands.  For the next while I would play the PSP as much as I could and play as wide a range of games as possible, I was loving every minute and I also discovered I could put photos and music on to it too!  I also picked up a few UMD films and was suitably impressed with the quality, this was truly the ultimate handheld device, I would never need another handheld again.

Was this the right media to use?

Like a summer love, I gradually drifted away from my PSP and returned to the comfort of my 360, I played the PSP less and less and it spent more of its time away in the drawer than in my hand.  I can’t exactly explain why I stopped playing it, I still liked the games but something had gone wrong on the way to heaven.  I don’t use public transport or spend huge lengths of time not driving so the only time I was able to play it was when I was sitting in the house at night, the allure of playing games on my telly with the 360 was too much of a temptation and I dumped the PSP like yesterday’s news, it was a great shame because it really is a great machine.  The love affair wasn’t over though, Summer was approaching and my PSP was about to go out in a blaze of glory.  We were going away on a camping trip which involved a long drive and I needed to keep my daughter entertained, a few kid’s UMDs and the journey was made more pleasant plus I could play games in the tent at night, it seemed that we were going to make it and things were going to be okay.   Sadly, a few months after we came back from holiday we split up. My once precious PSP was traded in with all games and accessories for a small HD ready LCD television, finally my 360 had made the leap into HD.  PSP R.I.P.

I might actually like this more than Loco Roco.

That was a few years ago now and I have still watched the progress of the PSP and its transformation into the PSP Go and I have still been disappointed at the lack of dual thumbsticks.  Last week I was introduced to an old flame, some would argue that, that is never a good thing but sometimes good things come out of bad situations.  I was offered a working PSP, of the old variety, minus any power leads or stuff for the not too shabby price of £25.  I thought about how our relationship had gone in the past but I also remembered the good times and realised that I’d never get one this cheap again so I decided to re-kindle the romance, or at least give it another shot.  I took the wee machine home and hooked her up to the Internet to download the latest update and to make sure everything was working okay, I never took my last PSP online so this was all new to me.  After a long time downloading and installing the update I was taken by surprise at how much the PSP has become a mini PS3, I loved that the online store is just like the PS3 store and how easy it was to use my existing account, I had a feeling I was going to like this.  I put some photos and songs on the memory card and picked up Crazy Taxi in UMD format for much cheapness, I also had a carry case and leads left over from my previous PSP, I was cooking with gas again.  A few nights ago I popped my PSP download cherry and downloaded a game directly from the net onto my PSP, after much deliberation I chose Patapon 2 for less than 7 quid, a total bargain.  The process was easy and took less than half an hour, I was and still am impressed to the max, maybe the PSP still had some life left in her yet.  Alas as I look around the shops I see less and less in the way of PSP games, I know Sony are trying to go download only but their pricing, much like the Microsoft Games on Demand, is way off the mark.  It is quite hard to find decent PSP games and even then some places charge through the nose, however I am undeterred, there is plenty to download and the new range of “Minis”, smaller cheaper games, may be able to keep me going.  This is no longer a love affair, this is a casual acquaintance who merely enjoys my company from time to time, nothing serious.







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    Peace Walker FTW.

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    Git yersel’ Half Minute Hero.

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