E3 Yummyness!

Unless you live under a rock in the middle of nowhere, you would have known of the anticipation and excitement of E3 2010. I watched with bated breath at each of the developers’ announcements of what they have in store in the upcoming months. For those who may have missed the show I thought that I’d give you all a mini breakdown of what you can expect in the upcoming months.

Xbox kicked things off with their announcements of the new sleeker Xbox 360 and the highly anticipated Kinect. The new Xbox 360 will come with a 250gb hard drive and built in Wifi and it was said it should be the same price as the Xbox is now. Us Brits should hopefully see it within the next few weeks.  We also got a sneak peek at Kinect and the games we can expect at launch. Kinect will now make the Xbox experience interactive with just your body. On launch we’ll get the following games: Kinectimals which is like Playstation’s Eye Pet, Kinect Joy Ride, Kinect Sport and Kinect Adventures. Many fans were also treated to a demonstration of Gears of War 3, MTV’s Dance Central and the trailer for Metal Gear Solid: Rising.

The new shape Xbox 360 and the Kinect motion sensor bar.
The new shape Xbox 360 and the Kinect motion sensor bar.

EA had a total of 10 games to show off including Sims 3, Dead Space 2, Crysis 2 and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is going back to the roots of the Need for Speed franchise with sexy cars and exciting cop chases. They also showed a 24 multiplayer demo for Medal of Honour which is now set in Afghanistan. EA will also be releasing Sport Active 2 which is compatible with Kinect. It comes with a heart rate monitor, 70 games and can track your progress online.

Sony was able to show us the Playstation Motion and a tasty line up of the games that can use the new controller. A selection of the games are Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, Sorcerer and Socom 4. We even got to a list of what games will be running 3D such as Eye Pet, Motor Storm: Apocalypse and Killzone 3. It was also announced that a update will be available for the PSP which will allow it to run 3D games which is really cool. But I think the most interesting revelation is Playstation Plus. It gives all players on the Playstation Network a three month or a one year subscription, giving the user access to priority betas and exclusive content.

The Playstation Move motion controller (pictured) will also come with a navigation controller.
The Playstation Move motion controller (pictured) will also come with a navigation controller.

Ubisoft unveiled an exciting clip of Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, Shaun White: Skateboarding and a sensory game filled with colours and music called Child of Eden. Another sensory game coming soon is Innergy. The game shows you how to control your breathing by following moving bubble across the screen. It sounds a little quirky but I joined in with the demo and it does seem to work. Additional Ubisoft games included laser quest game Battle Tag, Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time, Driver: San Francisco and Ghost Recon: Future Solider which will be compatible to play in shiny 3D.

Nintendo went back to the games I grew up with and gave them a revamp. The first up was Zelda Skyward which uses the Wii motion plus. Additional games showed included Mario Sports Mix, Just Dance 2 with two player and dance battles and a new Mickey Mouse game Disney Epic Mickey. We were also treated to a few more flashbacks with Kirby Epic Yarn, Donkey Kong Country: Returns, Goldeneye and Metrid: Other M. Nintendo DS 3D had its debut with a few confirmed release titles including Nintendogs+Cats and Dragon Quest Sentinels of the Starry Skies.

With so many awesome games coming our way I have to say I can barely contain my excitement. I can’t wait to get my hands on all of these releases!







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