So I’m Shooting The One With The Thing, Right?!

During my ever growing quest to not only own as many games as possible but to expand my gaming horizons, I finally brought Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Yes I’m a bad, bad female gamer but hey, I got there in the end didn’t I?

Now I did play the first one and I did enjoy the game. The only teeny tiny blip I had was that I felt that the multiplayer was a little too serious for a girl like me. I prefer running around and smacking people whereas the Modern Warfare required sneaking and sniping which I was just not good at. So when CoD:MW2 came out I didn’t rush to get the game as soon as it hit the shelves, but I did plan on getting the game eventually. With eventually having come and gone, I can proudly say that I have finished the campaign mode all by myself and progressing nicely through multiplayer… huzzah!

Mmm Call of Duty goodness.
Mmm Call of Duty goodness.

As I watched the credits and reflected back on my hours of fun, it suddenly dawned on me that I actually had no idea what the game was about. I know I just totally blasphemed against CoD: MW2 and I apologise to those I have offended. I actually tried asking a mate of mine to explain to me what the game was about and it seemed she was in the same conundrum as me. All I could rave about was how awesome and action-packed the campaign mode was and all she could tell me is about getting her nightly fix of multiplayer.

At first I did feel super thick that I didn’t understand what I just spent a good chunk of my life on. So it was time to get my thinking cap on and try and piece together what I remembered doing. As I did my mental flash backs, I remembered the airport level, running around Brazil after a dude we needed to question. I know that I was either an American or British solider trying to stop a crazy Russian who wanted to do some evil stuff.

Stupid dust, I can't see anything!
Stupid dust, I can't see anything!

But to be honest my main recollection is that I had to shoot the dudes that sometimes wore a pink version of my uniform and find the Russian and save the world. I know its pretty rubbish that I can’t tell you what I the game was all about but I think that what really matters is that I had fun, right? And I can remember that I did. Campaign was such a blast and I’m thinking of trying it on veteran mode, wish me luck!







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  1. Colin avatar

    I don’t really play the multiplayer on the COD games but love the single player campaigns.

    MW2 single player totally did it for me especially after meeting up with the captain again.

    One thing I did like in the multiplayer was levelling up pistols and getting the tactical blade. Got some of my largest kill streaks with that spec 🙂

  2. Andy T avatar
    Andy T

    Go Sarah…first Bioshock the other week and now Call of Duty…Did you finish Bioshock minus a heart attack anyway?

  3. asamink avatar

    Totally agree. I completed the single player campaign, but I felt as if they had designed all the levels first then tried to wedge a story in between. A complete incoherent mess.

  4. Sarah-Lou avatar

    I did like how they brought the captain back in the story but when I seen him I did think he died in the last one…oh well! I do need to get back on multiplayer but since my level is so low it seems that everyone comes after me for easy kills 🙁

    I still have not finished Bioshock, I’m currently stuck and keep getting killed by one of the not so supped up Big Daddys which is uber annoying. Bioshock still freaks me out but the chances of my heart packing in have slowly decreased, so that’s a bonus!

    I would love to be able to get my head around the story so I may play CoD MW1 again and see if it makes more sense to me. 🙂

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