Films & Games & TV, Oh My!

It’s a strange little world out there. With every film becoming a game and an increasing trend towards the reverse there seems to be nothing that is left in one media stream. With film games and game films being synonymous with easy achievements and rubbish acting at least Prince of Persia was an enjoyable watch…but then you never know how wrong they’re going to get it (saying that, I also thoroughly enjoyed Silent Hill the movie so it’s not all bad).

Silent Hill - proof to me that not all crossovers are bad
Silent Hill – proof to me that not all crossovers are bad

The point is that these days there’s also a worrying trend of TV shows becoming games. Ok, the Naruto and Pokemon games certainly have some charm to them (a worryingly addictive charm in the case of Pokemon) but you need only look as far as the Lost game to make you cringe. I thought it might be light-hearted fun, then I started playing. I then decided “well, I’ll finish it just because I’m a completionist”…I then sent it back and returned to the world of decent games! Now CSI games have been highly slated due to the lack of replayability and their appalling graphics quality, but I like them. I’m not ashamed to say that I have played all the 360 and DS CSI games to date and have no plan on stopping as long as they keep producing them. Sure, the TV show’s alright but I really don’t put aside much TV time as that time could be better spent on gaming, therefore problem solved, I play the CSI games – far more immersive and far more fun to me than staring at the TV wondering why I’m not holding a pad!

There is however, one game that worries me. I wish I could say I was looking forward to it, and I sort of am, but I’m just so worried they’ll mess it up because it is a series I love – House MD. All signs point to goodness as you immerse yourself in the snappy dialogue and the procedures seem to bring a level of realism and skill to them that has not yet been seen in hospital games. The screenshots look great and there’s really nothing that seems like  it could go wrong…and that’s what worrries me. Call me cynical, but when a game I’m interested in originated from a TV show or a film and doesn’t have any obvious flaws I can’t help but put my reviewer’s hat on and go in cautiously. Will it work out? We’ll have to wait and see, but one thing’s for sure…it’s not lupus.

Well that rules out Haemochromatosis...
Well that rules out Haemochromatosis…
We've got the whole team, now let's get to work!
We've got the whole team, now let's get to work!







3 responses to “Films & Games & TV, Oh My!”

  1. Danny avatar

    Silent Hill is probably the best adaptation. Only there was a point in the film (involves walking through a door and having the whole plot explained to the audience because, of course, we are to stupid to figure it out) where everything went OTT and the focus seemed to change to hyperviolence. Everything before that point is the best videogame adaptation yet.

    It’s probably lupus.

  2. Susan avatar

    Pokemon was a game before it was an anime 😉
    The House game looks interesting. The Greys Anatomy game was like cheap Trauma Centre crossed with a bad dating sim O_o

  3. Joanne avatar

    I did enjoy silent hill. It surprised me that a lot of people just threw it in with all the other game/film adaptions straight away

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