It’s time to put on your big girl pants, Sarah-Lou

As I sat and pondered away in my room the other day, I remembered that I still needed to buy the game Bioshock. But for neither love nor money, for the past few months I could never seem to find it.

So as I was in town waiting to donate my blood (which I’ve dubbed my liquid gold), I thought I’d kill some time and float around my local Computer Exchange. As I went through the various games sections, I could not believe that I finally found a copy of Bioshock and at a decent price. I took this as a sign and thought it was best not to dilly dally and buy it before someone nabbed it.

By the time I got back home it was pretty late and I nearly forgot about my gaming purchase. Once my Xbox 360 was on it was time to give Bioshock a whirl. Now as I was playing the first few minutes, I remembered that way back when I played the trial of Bioshock and my heart sank. When I played the trial I only got as far as leaving the capsule because I got myself so worked up and scared. So now I’m sitting here playing the very game I kept pausing and screaming at.

Look and see how scary this dude is.
Look and see how scary this dude is.

Just so you know the extent of my fear, here is a quick breakdown: I don’t like things just popping up to scare me, music that gets all atmospheric and creepy and anything else you could possibly think of that comes under the “scaring” category.

But it was too late to back down now. I’d been hell bent on owing Bioshock and now I finally had it I couldn’t not play it. As I tried to explore the darkened city of Rapture I heard the voice of one of the creepy Splicers talking gibberish and thought it may be wise for me to try and play the game on mute. Unfortunately this wasn’t an option for I would miss all the nifty hints and mission objectives Atlas had to say.  So I took a deep breath and I tried again.

While I’m walking around all I hear is a female voice singing a lullaby and I just knew this wasn’t going to be good. Next thing I knew a crazy lady who came from no where, had leapt away from this pram she was pushing and she started to hit me. My gaming instinct kicked in and I pressed each and every button to make her stop.

Big Daddy and Little Sister is coming to get ya!
Big Daddy and Little Sister is coming to get ya!

My poor heart was going nuts and I just had to pause the game and try to get a grip. I actually started saying to myself “I’m a tough cookie, why is this getting you so scared?!” But who was I kidding. I knew I was not going to get any further so I decided to call it a night.

However I was determined not to be defeated. The next day a mate of mine was coming to my house so I thought that if I played Bioshock while she was there it may help. And it really did. I was able to not only get around Rapture and collect some much needed upgrades, but I now feel that I can play Bioshock all on my own. I mean I have to do it during the day and just to take my mind of the creepiness I need to watch something funny before I go to bed, but hey… one step at a time, right!?







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  1. Yaz avatar

    I received Bioshock as a present at Christmas. I think it is truly a magnificent game. I listened to the soundtrack before I got the game and I think the atmosphere the soundtrack creates goes fantastic with the gameplay. I can listen to the soundtrack on repeat for hours. I think the game has just the right amount of creepiness for my liking. Good luck!

  2. Simon avatar

    I remember when I had Silent Hill many years ago. It got to the point where I couldn’t play it at night, and I didn’t really want to play it on my own.

    Of course, these days I’m a big, brave tough guy so nothing scares me.

  3. Susan avatar

    I do this with Dead Space. ._.

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