LittleBigPlanet 2 Announcement

Unless you discovered the world of gaming yesterday chances are, whether you played it or not, you are aware of the story of a little sackboy in LittleBigPlanet (PS3). Clocking up over 80 awards since its launch in October 2008 it would have been very difficult to avoid it! I may not be a huge PS3 fan myself but even I tore myself from my other consoles long enough to play this game that promised the world and somehow succeeded in delivery. With millions of units sold to date there’s little surprise that it was announced that there would indeed be a LittleBigPlanet 2.

Return of the Sack!
Return of the Sack!

So what can we expect from the next instalment? Well by sticking to a PS3 exclusive train of thought we have been promised a revamped graphics engine to make Sackboy and those oh so pretty landscapes look even crisper and give them more depth than before. Of course there’s a new storyline to keep us all occupied and that means new degrees of customisation in order to get Sackboy home safely. With the gameplay mechanics being labelled as “revolutionary” we are promised a new level of control too (so hopefully I won’t keep committing suicide this time round!).

A feature that was heavily utilised in the original was the level creator, with people pouring hours into designing fantastical levels for the PSN community to indulge in. Surely with the amount of levels created that would dent the new game’s success? No, Sony have just managed to push that aspect of the game even further with players now able to design games rather than singular levels, so if you liked the level designer prepare to have your life sucked into this game entirely. If that wasn’t enough, you can now add Sackbots (I think you can guess that they are Sackboy robots!) to your worlds to interact with. The best bit? You can record custom animations and voice-overs along with changing the size and clothing for them. That’s pretty damn customizable! With different modes available in your creations you can now create racing levels, flying levels, shooters, puzzle games… it goes on! Add in a cut-scene maker and suddenly you could create your own LBP3 whilst still being able to access all the hard work you put into creating levels in the original!

Why not?!
Why not?!

This time Sackboy appears to be trying his hand at being Lara Croft as he utilises various equipment to assist him, including a magic bag (a necessity for any Sackboy!), power gloves and a grappling hook. Personally, I cannot wait to get my hands on this game. Will it deliver its claim to redefine gaming again? We can only wait and see. Meanwhile you’ll have to be satisfied with some screenshots:

Fun for all the family
Fun for all the family
But I don't even have a license!
But I don't even have a licence!
Everyone needs new friends...
Everyone needs new friends…







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  1. Dave G avatar
    Dave G

    Looking good, I did love the first game but haven’t played it as much as I should (too many other shiny things around still). Time to dust it off again me-thinks!

  2. Duncan avatar

    SQUEE! I’m quite excited about this, the first one was my main reason to get a PS3 in the first place! <3

  3. Yaz avatar

    must. have. now.


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