Splinter Sells Confliction

Patience is not my middle name. I am usually the gaming equivalent of a bull in a china shop. If one of the group gets into trouble in the distance during Left 4 Dead there’s a good chance it’s me chasing Smokers. Most of my deaths in Call of Duty can be attributed to charging straight into the enemy’s crosshairs. It’s the reason I choose warrior classes and picked the Berserker in Borderlands.
Stealth is a foreign concept, it conflicts with everything I do. I can only think of three stealth games I have ever played but all three I enjoyed immensely and were actually fully completed which is rare for me. My first taste of stealth was as Rikimaru in Tenchu 2 on the PSone. I liked the sneaking about and the pounding “thud-thud thud-thud thud-thud” of an enemy’s heartbeat as he sensed my presence, followed all too often by the words “I SEE YOU!”. I said I liked the sneaking, not that I was good at it. Admittedly most of that game was me running from guards, throwing caltrops behind me in a slight panic then alerting the entire village but it was entertaining. The second game involving major stealth aspects was only last year with Batman Arkham Asylum. I loved everything about that game but swinging from gargoyle to gargoyle initiating various takedowns was a highlight.
Tenchu 2
The latest title to indulge my sly side is Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell: Conviction. I’m new to the SC franchise having never played through a previous title. I confess I didn’t even play the demo but bought it on a whim. It’s fantastic! I’ve lost huge chunks of my free time to this game the past couple of weeks. Rolling through shadows, taking cover then popping guards heads from a distance is hugely satisfying. I’m on a second run through of the single player on the hardest setting which is unheard of for me. The teamwork aspect of bringing in a friend for co-op also adds a large amount to the game, it forces me to be more tactical. The enemy banter has me cackling in glee as I mark up my executions while dangling from a ledge. “Come on out Fisher we know you’re there! Do you think we’re stupid?”. Yes! Yes I do.
Splinter Cell Conviction
I haven’t turned over a new leaf. I’ll still be the one rushing at the bad guys when woefully unprepared. I will however take time out now and then to treat my ninja side with a little stealth and think of it as an oasis of calm in my hectic gaming world.







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  1. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    Go Kat playing the on the hardest difficulty. I started the second playthrough but went back to Panau it try and finish more of it. I never got around to playing much Tenchu but did have lots of fun in the Arkham Asylum.

  2. Jonny/IV DemonJ avatar
    Jonny/IV DemonJ

    Hats off to you for trying, stealth games are incredibly hard to get right. I mean you could spend and hour or two trying to get through totally undetected or simply 5 mins grenading/shooting/throwing the kitchen sink at your enemies til the end.

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