Game Over Man, Game Over!

As the old saying goes “ignorance is bliss” and this can be applied to my gaming too. I’ve never paid a whole lot of attention to upcoming games. I used to look a few weeks ahead at the new releases list in the shops or flick through the occasional magazine but it’s only now I have gaming friends and belong to a community (called Ready Up, perhaps you’ve heard of it?) that I’m aware of gaming news. I have an inkling now of what big titles loom on the horizon, what developers may be brewing months or years down the line and this affords me great excitement and with it, the potential for disappointment.

"If it sucks, we can trade it."
"If it sucks, we can trade it."

I had my first major taste of this with February’s release of Aliens vs Predator. I spent over a year hugely excited. I couldn’t wait to play as an alien or predator, I wasn’t so fussed about the marines. I looked forward to friends buying it, with new rivalries being created during multiplayer nights. The demo came out on Xbox Live and that was enough for some to lose interest but I played that one map over and over again, almost always as an alien. It made me dizzy crawling up walls and racing along the ceiling but despite often feeling disorientated I loved it. The kills were fun, I liked stalking unsuspecting marines and hitting the Y button to hiss at them. On top of that I was actually good at it! I was coming top of the leaderboards in most matches.

When the full game arrived I loaded it up straight away and went into the alien campaign. It was good but short. So short and I barely got to fight any predators. The game is called Aliens vs Predator after all, not Aliens vs Marines: Then Have A Little Wave At A Predator In The Last Ten Minutes. Each campaign after that was more and more of a let down. The multiplayer took an age to get into a game, only to fall apart if the host left and while some fun was had with friends, it didn’t compare to the highs of Left 4 Dead, Modern Warfare or even Bomberman nights. One by one people traded it in and I got shot of mine begrudingly a couple of weeks later.

How disappointed am I by this game? Look at my face!

AvP caused a lot of dismay with its shortcomings but other titles this year have had some gamers disenchanted and baffled at the hype, including Final Fantasy XIII and the widely acclaimed Bayonetta. The disappointment that comes from a game not living up to my expectations is something I’d like to avoid. Although I can’t put my fingers in my ears and evade all news I can try to reign in my anticipation of any new release that will interest me, keep an aloof air, playing it cool, so on that note…

I will not get excited about Fable 3.
I will not get excited about Fable 3.
I will not get excited about Fable 3.







10 responses to “Game Over Man, Game Over!”

  1. Andy T avatar
    Andy T

    Just ignore everything Peter Molenuex says for the next 8 years…damn him and his in depth dev diaries.

  2. noozles avatar

    I loved Bayonetta….
    Im trying not to get excited by Red Dead Redemption….

  3. Markatansky avatar

    I liked AVP, up until the point where every Predator turns out to be a dischead.

  4. wcd45 avatar

    Thank god they released the demo otherwise i would have blown £40 on this piece of dog turd. I agree with Andy T ignore everything Moleneux says because only about half of what he alludes to appears in the game and only half of that is as goos as he said it was going to be!
    As for looking forward to games it’s 20 Days, 3 hours and 58 minutes and that’s just untill the Multiplayer Beta comes out.
    Thanks for countdown Lib x

  5. Celeste avatar

    If you say it there times then you definitely won’t get excited.

    I pretty much explained my stance on hype in a recent post so I will refrain from moaning here. All I shall say is that I’m with you sista.

  6. Celeste avatar

    *three times

    I must have been shaking with rage when I wrote that typo.

  7. Leon avatar

    It’s very hard, my mentality nowadays is to expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised. The only problem with that is that I end up having a pretty negative outlook, and when I game like FFXIII comes out I still get disappointed because I still secretly hope I’ll enjoy it.

    I think they just need to put more work into making them 😛

  8. Zero avatar

    I know i just posted this on facebook buuuut. It was a shame that we only played a few games of this. Technically a good game, it looked really nice and the gameplay was solid. All spoiled by rubbishy multiplayer matchmaking and a short campaign. Booo!

  9. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    Even games I wasn’t excited about have disappointed.

  10. Simon avatar

    The excitement keeps me going 🙂

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