The Days Are Just Packed…

I wish I had a tiger.
I wish I had a tiger.

I have a great fondness for Calvin and his best friend Hobbes, the source for today’s title. If you don’t know them, check them out I implore you.

However, I’m sitting in front of my laptop wondering what to do – the days are not so packed at the moment! As has been previously mentioned, my latest gaming relationship has come to an end – Mass Effect 2 of course – and, although we’re still friends and meet up the spark isn’t there I’m afraid. The ‘bits of fun’ that I’ve used to fill in the gap where Shepherd used to be were fun and frivolous but ultimately empty affairs and have since been consigned to ‘the shelf’ – we all have one!

I’ve been putting off moving on, as it were, because I was sure that there were other things I could be doing: avenues of pleasure and satisfaction as yet unmapped, activities which I could be ‘more gainfully engaged’ with. It’s a lie of course, there’s nothing I would rather be doing, no enjoyment which will come even remotely close to what I hold truly dear – I’m a gamer!

I’m off up to the shops tomorrow and I’m going to invest a little time into finding a new partner. The criteria may not be as strict as they were a week or so ago, but they will still be guiding and steering my choice or choices for I’m sure that I’ll come away with more than one slim, sleek package! There is one big decision I’m going to have to face though and that is do I buy something for the PS3?

The PS3 in all it's glory! No, wait...
The PS3 in all it's glory! No, wait…

Ah yes, the sleek black machine which is perched like some Clarkian monolith atop the Xbox 360 acting, it has to be said, like a piece of art rather than functional technology. I feel that I need to spend some time back on there, that the technology needs to be used and appreciated rather than admired and passed by. So a plan ferments, a plan that sees multiple purchases being made. As well as purchases for the ‘360 which will provide light relief, a bit of fun and some GS added to my meager tally, there will also be a purchase for the PS3 and this purchase will be significant, it will be a statement of intent which will announce to the world – the world inside my office at least – that I DO care and I want to maintain that relationship and see it flourish and blossom and that trophies ARE something I care about.

Well okay maybe that last bit was a little stretched, but I’m happy that I’ve come to this place, that my relationships with my solutions are being slowly balanced out and that, one day, I’ll select simply by title rather than by platform! Yeah, I know that’s also a stretch and I’m not even believing that myself but the first step will take place during my shopping trip, the titles? You know, I have no idea!

Whch one.. or two.. or three??
Whch one… or two… or three?







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  1. Brian Ireland avatar
    Brian Ireland

    A must for PS3 – Uncharted 2 – drama/action/puzzles all in a beautiful setting – also if stealth is your bag, try Metal Gear Solid 4 – Guns of the Patriots, another excellent/strategic addition to the family – as for something a little more fun you could try little big planet or Heavy Rain – great storyline, great graphics and something just a little bit different than your normal gaming title..not for everyone though! Oh – one for the future if your a racing fan (before I forget) – Gran Tourismo 5 – gives Forza a good run for it’s money with Nascar, Rallying and GT licensing it’ll be a sure fire hit!

  2. Simon avatar

    Sounds like a bit of a mini-epithany.

    I’d rather like a PS3. Heavy Rain, MGS4, Uncharted and GT5 are all tempting me.

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