Fine Then… I’ll Play By Myself

Co-op achievements and trophies are the spawn of Satan. When it comes to arcade games you can pretty much guarantee you can find someone out there willing to play one level with you, or whatever else is needed. However, completing retail games on co-op… not such an easy feat. Don’t get me wrong, at one time there was nothing I liked more than plowing through Halo co-op yet again with my partner at the time but if you haven’t got an avid gaming partner in the house then really your only option is your kids, assuming you have any, which I don’t so what options does that leave?

It might be the ideal but it's rarely going to happen
It might be the ideal but it's rarely going to happen

These days most of my co-op playing is left till I venture to a friend’s house for a holiday but if I just can’t wait then I do have one sneaky trick up my sleeve – I’m ambidextrous. Not 100% but good enough to pass, and therefore good enough to run two characters through a precarious environment on separate pads at the same time without my head exploding.

Time to kick some butt x2!
Time to kick some butt x2!

Of course this is still very limited to certain genres; platformers or puzzle games can be easily done with me looking stupid with two pads… and it does come in handy for the lefty flip achievements in Guitar Hero but as I have found out, the two pad approach should never be attempted in a FPS. Many of the people who came to the last Scotland meet up for Ready Up would have seen me playing on the Wii and switching my playing hand every few minutes. A sneaky ploy that I will now admit was to allow me to beat people on endurance alone as I always had one hand recovering! So, there you are – my little secret is out. But if ambidextrous skills are natural enough for me to be able to play two characters simultaneously, what other natural perks have my fellow gamers found? Do you have a vibrating finger? Can you play better with your feet? Whatever your gaming talent is, let me know!







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  1. Simon avatar

    I’m left handed, but I play tennis and golf and so on the normal way with my right hand.

    I’ve had to resort to the old “two pads, one player” shame before. I can’t remember which game it was, but it was for achievements, I know this much.

  2. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    I’d give my left arm to be ambidextrous. 😀

    I used two joypads for a good few of the co-op achievements in Borderlands and two controllers for The Underdome. Ok, so one sat idle while the character was getting killed while I concentrated on killing using my main character.

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