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For some time now there has been a trend on our fine site for comments to include a certain criticism that accuses the writers of using certain words when writing a blog.  These words would relate to the personalising of thoughts about gaming making the blogs about them personal and not the person reading it.  Wondering if it is possible to write a personal blog without the usage of these said words is the intention today, so without further ado, here you go:

Switching between first and third aint easy.
Switching between first and third ain't easy.

Special editions of games have always been a bit hit and miss, often offering no more than a cardboard sleeve or a poster map charged out at extra cost.  A man who writes for this site has often been known to buy special editions for the sake that they look cool in his collection but recently it has been said that the man got wise to the extra costs and stopped buying the special editions in favour of the standard edition, problem solved, or so the man thought.  Due to hit the shops midway through February is the long awaited Aliens vs Predator which people known to writers on this site are stupidly looking forward to, that is all fine and dandy but a dark cloud is appearing on the horizon.  The game is coming out in three different editions, the bog standard edition, a steel book edition with four free maps and the big edition with all the aforementioned things but also including a patch, lenticular card and a facehugger model – wow!  Of course all this extra stuff comes at a price, the standard edition is the normal £40, the middle edition is £55 and the full package is £70.  A writer who expressed an opinion to another person made it very clear that he thought an extra £15 for a steel case and four maps is just a terrible rip off and indeed £30 extra for not much more with a rubber puppet is quite steep.  Many people have said the same thing but it’s not going to hamper the sales one bit, there is no doubt the game will sell well but will it be based on the extras or on the sole merits of the game?

It looks soooo good.
It looks soooo good.

The most recent special edition game to be on sale was Modern Warfare 2 which came in several editions offering from as little as a steel case all the way up to models and the now infamous, night vision goggles.  The top price package was in the region of £130, hugely steep for one game, the next price was around the £70 mark but from what has been noticed by people, most opted for the standard game.  What happened over the Christmas and New Year sales was that several retailers had too much excess stock of the special editions so they reduced the prices by a considerable amount meaning that the goggles edition was down to £100 and the next one was down to £50, bit of a kick in the teeth for those that shelled out less than two months previous.  Thank goodness then that a mother whose son writes for this website told someone that he had only got the standard edition and hadn’t really lost out.

Worth it?
Worth it?

Will it be possible that after a while, the special editions of Aliens vs Predator will drop in price to a more affordable point?  A person who was part of a Guinness World record team from this site certainly hopes so, most people are watching the pennies these days and it may be time that overpriced special editions are made to be a thing of the past.  As many of you may have noticed most of this article has been regarding two games that are first person shooters, indeed you may think that the title of the blog was a direct reference to it.  Alas this was not the point that the writer wanted to make, it was his intention to illustrate that Ready Up! is about the personal experiences of all the writers involved.  They do not speak on behalf of anyone else or for any corporate means, everything is from personal experience and from the heart and it is hoped that it makes a connection with the reader on a personal level.  Taking out the personal side to the writing just doesn’t have the same impact, as you may have noticed reading this piece.  Overall I think it went rather well.







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  1. Kat avatar

    Kat thinks this could be the way forward and that all personal blogs referring to our personal views on our personal experiences in gaming should be done this impersonal way from now on. She has never bought a special edition due to having enough junk gathering dust in her house however if something special came along she’d certainly be tempted!

    Kat also chuckled at this blog.

  2. Razgate avatar

    Maybe in the blogs you should just start telling the readers what they like like every other gaming site 😀
    but in my opinion it’s best and easier to describe a game in first person because you’ll won’t be held accountable it they happen to hate the game, plus seeing as almost every game is first person it makes more sense.

  3. Markatansky avatar

    Markatansky is a rampant GINGER and should be banned from life.

  4. Simon avatar

    Simon nods sagely. He gets it.

  5. Mark Brown avatar
    Mark Brown

    I’m a staunch defender of the third person, but I’m not entirely sure why.

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