Bewitched by Bayonetta?

I’d like to say I’ll avoid spoilers in this blog but seeing how nobody has a clue what’s going on in this game I think you’ll be safe to read this even if your copy is so far uncompleted!

I first saw a trailer for Bayonetta early last year. The game looked so OTT that I declared my intention to purchase it even if the general concensus ended up being “avoid!”. Fortunately it has been released to rave reviews so my original plan of wanting to love to hate the perceived blatant sexism went on the back burner, replaced by the desire to play through a highly recommended game. I had judged Bayonetta on the trailer and thought I’d be rolling my eyes at the overt sexuality and moan how, yet again, a female character had been created to purely titilate the male gamer. Having played through the game once so far I realise I’d made an error, now I’m teetering on the brink of declaring her my favourite female game character, if not the best overall.

Let's dance, boys!
Let's dance, boys!

Why the change of heart? We live in a shallow world so I’ll start by dissecting her looks. I can’t deny she has quite the pert, round derriere but aside from that she’s rather quirky looking. She’s not a clone of every other female character and with her tall, gangly appearance, mole and glasses, she stands out. I’ve seen many comments online from males discussing how unsexy she is. She may look unique but it’s her confidence and strength that add to her allure. Not only would Bayonetta not give a damn about these comments but she’d quite easily eat these boys for breakfast, then possibly spit out any remains into a souped-up iron maiden.

It wasn’t her appearance that won me over, the impressively mental magical hair/clothing powers or even the fact she’s a rather posh voiced English woman (okay maybe that, I’m a little biased there). It was one cutscene that transformed me from a potential Bayonetta-hater to an adoring fan. She meets a little girl, Cereza, in a very sweet scene and then it struck me: in all my years of playing games I don’t think I’ve ever come across a motherly role. I’m not saying they don’t exist out there, I’ve just never encountered them. Even though I’m a mum myself it’s not something I’ve really considered. The continuing scenes and developing relationship with Cereza brought out a sensitive side to Bayonetta. She wasn’t just a hard-nosed, kick-ass chick but suddenly a well rounded character I could better relate to.


Not only is this Witch a strong, caring, protective lady but she also has a sexy confidence, brains, sense of humour, guns strapped to her shoes, fantastic hair and gets to torture angels all day. If I had to live as any gaming character? Bayonetta, I choose you.







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  1. Simon avatar

    I still choose Squirtle, but I see where you’re coming from.

    You make a very interesting point about motherhood in games there.

    Bayonetta could eat me alive any time she wants btw.

    (I don’t mean literally. I mean, it could, if, no, no I don’t mean literally. I’m not sure what I mean.)

  2. Markatansky avatar

    Weighted Companion Cube! I choose you! <3

  3. Duncan avatar

    Eddie Riggs, I CHOOSE YOU! <3… (or Spyro… old school Spyro!)

    Great blog, Kat. Good point about the Ma/Daughter point, I can't think of another game which does that! 😀

  4. Darach avatar

    If we had to live as a gaming character…? Hurm…

    I still want Lara Croft’s life.
    Let’s see:- All the time and money in the world to devote to learning and travel… check. Gifted with intelligence and an intense physicality… check. A lust for life and finds great joy in exploring the world and all that’s in it… check. Stunningly attractive…, y’know, maybe I am Lara Croft!! :O

    @Markatansky; You do know Weighted Companion Cube got fed into an incinerator, right? That’s really the gaming life you want to lead? 🙂

  5. Barry avatar

    Darach, Lara Croft? You just want to look at yourself in the mirror and leave Natla to conquer the world :p

    I don’t know who I’d be tbh, I think I’d make an awesome video character though.
    Observant, systematic and charismatic natural leader who goes out of his way to protect his friends with complete disregard to consequence. Fights more lethal than Jackie Chan with akimbo 1887s with shrewd efficiency and a sense of humour. 🙂

  6. Darach avatar

    ^^ It’s Inspector Tequila from Stranglehold! Cooooooooool. 🙂

  7. Celeste avatar

    She sounds like an in-game Ripley! (Except possibly with bigger breasts.) That can only be a good thing.

  8. Barry avatar

    Lmao, Inspector Tequila! 😀

    More of a Sambuca person myself 😉

  9. GraeXZ avatar


    No seriously but, she has the traits I find powerfully attractive in women, dark hair, glasses, and lots of guns!

  10. Markatansky avatar

    Okay then Darach, how about…

    L-Block! I choose you!

  11. Kat avatar

    lmao Markatansky!

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