Just press the f****** X button!

We’ve all been there. It’s been the holiday season, the majority of us can’t even leave the house due to the weather, so what do you do? Game, and game and then maybe some co-op games to ease the cabin fever. Unfortunately, this appears to be the modern day family yelling at each over Monopoly. Sitting around your console of choice playing co-op games with your loved ones may seem like a lovely way to spend the time but in reality this is my gaming rage conduit.

Playing solo I'm as happy as can be!
Playing solo I'm as happy as can be!

As mentioned by Walter, gaming rage is a common thing, but most people expose this side of themselves in multiplayer mode, yelling obscenities at complete strangers… not me.

I think it’s worth mentioning that in my general gaming life I am one of those annoying people who plays solo player games with a zen like calm, rarely broken and got back to quickly. I waltz through games with a smile on my face, generally knowing what to do and where to go with very little stress. In multiplayer competitions… well, most of you know that I make things a tad too competitive, but it’s all good-hearted fun at the end of the day (btw I will beat you at the next meet Darach!).

As unnecessary as it is to abuse people you don’t know, my rage comes from playing with people of different skill levels to my own. Part of the last week has been spent FINALLY getting those previously glitched multiplayer achievements in Fairytale Fights and fighting the urge to scream at those kind enough to aid me in getting the achievements. My mind starts going into overdrive and all I want to do is stand up, stomp my feet and scream “It’s obvious, why do I have to tell you what to do? And as for your other question, I told you the controls twice already!”. Simply put, when I play co-op with anyone not on par with me I want to take the weapons out of the game and beat them over the head with them even if they are still only an inch big. Not great for family and friend relationships.

So, this is a shout out to all those partners or friends out there that will gladly give us a hand, even if they really can’t match our skill levels. Some people may want to rip the controller out of their hands and play both players themselves (being ambidextrous is a plus here) but at the end of the day they are there to help us when no one else can be bothered. I won’t make a resolution to be kinder to the more n00b end of the spectrum because I know I will break it when the games begin, but at least I can accept I have a problem, and that’s the first step to recovery, right?

A brief look at the scary transformation that may occur...
A brief look at the scary transformation that may occur…







4 responses to “Just press the f****** X button!”

  1. Duncan avatar

    Stay away from Modern Warfare 2. Otherwise you’ll never keep that resolution. 😉

    This is why you always need at least 3 wing-buddies in tow. Avoid the public n00b scum!

  2. Darach avatar

    “btw I will beat you at the next meet Darach!”

    I don’t doubt it babe. In fact, I have the sneaking suspicion that you went easy on me the last two times. It is ‘two’ times, right? Not that anybody’s counting. Certainly not me. Nuh-uh.

    In other news, I find Ready-Uppers tend to make the best co-op buddies. Family tho… not so much.

  3. Simon avatar

    It depends on the game I suppose.

    Over Christmas our family broke out New Super Mario Bros Wii – I basically completed all the levels (I’m awesome, and kind of a big deal by the way), whilst they all fell about laughing and bouncing and pushing and falling and dying.

    It was comical, but if we were playing Halo 3 Legendary they’d all have been dead long before. And I would have been unhappy and distressed with the situation.

  4. Simon avatar

    Oh, and the blog title cracks me up – I have most definitely been there a thousand times!

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