2009 Game Awards – The Results!

We know that over Christmas you only had one thing on your mind, so let’s ease the suffering a touch by revealing the winners of the Ready Up 2009 Awards.

It went to the knife point in some categories, the best driving category was a closely fought race, with Forza 3 and DiRT 2 jostling for pole position. The best sports category was also a fierce contest, with Fifa 10 and Wii Sports Resort battling it out for the number one spot, and the glory that comes with it.

Only 2% of votes separated Beatles Rock Band and DJ Hero, but which one will take the crown?

The most interesting of categories was Best Action Adventure which saw a three way race between Batman Arkham Asylum, Assassin’s Creed 2 and Uncharted 2. All three of which dominated over the rest of the nominations, but only one can prevail victorious.

Without further ado, here are your winners for the Ready Up 2009 Game Awards:

Best Shooter Best Driving

Best RPG Best Sports

Best Action Adventure Best Fighting

Best Music Best Downloadable

Best MMO Best Voice

Most Wanted 2010

Community Game of the Year 2009

Ready Up Game of the Year 2009







9 responses to “2009 Game Awards – The Results!”

  1. John.B avatar

    All my choices won until I got to game of the year. Bah! No taste people, seriously 😛

  2. Kat avatar

    Game of the year and best voice? Two thumbs up. Best shooter, yup. Best community game, yup. It’s all good 🙂

  3. Pix3l avatar

    I’m very happy with that, although I personally preferred Tekken 6 to Street Fighter IV

  4. Jonny/IV DemonJ avatar
    Jonny/IV DemonJ

    I think with the pedigree of the readers here at Ready-Up (*wink*) its hard to disagree with the choices all are justified selections!

  5. Zero avatar

    Arkham Asylum, GOTY damn right. I agree with all the choices, even the game i didnt play like you know the sports ones.

  6. Del Torro El Sorrow avatar
    Del Torro El Sorrow

    Pffff, Arkham Asylum GOTY.

    The trend continues that GOTY is a “special” prize 😛

  7. Darach avatar

    I wouldn’t argue with any of that. Nice to see Mark Hamill recieve credit, that guy’s a genius.
    And it looks like I’ll have to give Dragon Age a go when I get a chance. High praise like that, from people who know what they’re playing, can’t be ignored 🙂

  8. Mark avatar

    Booooo, no Uncharted 2! You guys need to go out an buy PS3s right this second!

  9. Zoey avatar

    A lot of choices I agree with but nothing for ACII? 🙁 Poor old Ezio.

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